Gispert Intenso (Nicaragua)


On a nice chill Saturday evening, a comfortable 81 degrees, and a nice slow breeze, but steadily coming through the patio. I was able to relax and experience this powerful peppery cigar, while listening to some classic 80’s and 90’s R&B music in a mixed CD form, yes, I said, CD…lol…. I thought that I would make this night nostalgic, since the band on this cigar, puts me in a regal and classic state of mind with its dark background and detailed gold embellishment.


This cigar is dark brown in color and it does not have a sweet or chocolate taste, nor is it a creamy, and/or lush taste, at all. I paired this cigar with Hennessy, Hypnotic, Simply Lime-Aid, and peaches on the top, my signature in all of my drinks. This drink is called a Ni’s “Incredible Hulk.”

At the first light of this cigar, the quick spiciness and peppery taste is immediately recognized, hence the name, “Intenso”.



The cigar continues to push-off the peppery taste, which continuously intensifies, as your smoking it. I would classify this cigar as a full smoke cigar, but it’s not overly powerful as most larger gauged cigars. This cigar is a 52 gauge.

I did a round cut on this cigar so I could taste its fullness, and to my surprise, once you get past the peppery explosive feeling at the beginning that’s bouncing through your mouth, as a hyper three-year-old, the cigar does get sweeter, softer, and smoother, and not as peppery.

This cigar’s body has a nice and softer feel to it, a more plush and relaxed touch, and not tightly hand rolled, as your common Cubans. It was very easy to light-up and remained lit for the whole smoking session, which took about 50 mins for me to smoke this cigar.

This was my first time having this cigar and I selected it as a wildcard, to avoid getting my top favorites. It was pleasurable having this cigar, but I doubt that it will be in my rotation.

The powerful peppery taste was not a problem for me, overall it just fell flat with excitement, lack of a connection with my sensory, and there was really nothing overly special about this cigar. I didn’t love it. Therefore, there’s no need to try it again or purchase just to have in my humidor taken up good space for better sticks.


Author: Naimah Pears


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  1. I was surprised that you didn’t get any chocolate note from the Intenso. I paired mine with a root beer. That may be a factor. I did get a lot of pepper as well but It just goes to show you that cigar tastes are subjective. Great Review!

    • Hello Aaron, thank you for commenting. And, wow, “root beer” who would have Very interesting pairing and that’s a possibility. Indeed, it’s very subjective, and thank you very much. I’ll have many more reviews to come, so please keep return and check them out.

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