Day: June 26, 2018

Today’s Red Lips

The color of red has been classified as a strong color, a powerful color, and it catches the eyes of others when one walks into the room. A very strong and confident person would wear RED, because not everyone can wear this color or live up to its meaning. It’s funny, but how you feel

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Cigar Review: CAO, OSA/SOL

On a Thursday evening, 06/21/18, I was able to have the above-listed cigar. This was my very first time trying this one. I pretty much love every cigar that CAO makes, so I was eagerly excited to give this one a try. I started my stogie at around 7:10 p.m., which is how I noted

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How did I become a female cigar smoker

  I became most interested with cigars very early in my teens to my early twenties, by watching mafia-style movies and films, because they always looked so powerful and strong when conducting business with a cigar in hand, so that intrigued me. And, as a teen, you start to experiment with other things such as

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