Cigar Review: CAO, OSA/SOL

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On a Thursday evening, 06/21/18, I was able to have the above-listed cigar. This was my very first time trying this one. I pretty much love every cigar that CAO makes, so I was eagerly excited to give this one a try.

I started my stogie at around 7:10 p.m., which is how I noted my total smoke time because I note take as I’m doing my reviews and I always list my start and end time, to get my total smoke time, as you’ll see listed below.


I considered this “Robusto” style cigar to be very soft, light, and clean tasting, to start off. It also has some hints of a nutty almond taste. There’s no sweet taste to this cigar, it’s just straight to the point. It was an easy to light-up cigar. I did a V-cut!

I found this cigar to be very easily managed, while in your hand. I would call this a simplistic cigar. It’s definitely lighter in smell type of cigar, no so powerful and strong smelling. It’s a soft smoke and a smaller cigar, which is perfect for beginners and when you don’t want a large full smoke cigar.


The cigar burns pretty slow for a small one, it’s always nice to kick back with and play, some good jams while putting some smoke in the air! #PSSITA

At the end of this cigar, it does get stronger and bitter, but not overly burning hot, as you pull. I would add this in my rotation. My total smoke time was 1 hour 28 mins. And, my drink was Twenty Grand on the rocks with a lime.

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