How did I become a female cigar smoker



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I became most interested with cigars very early in my teens to my early twenties, by watching mafia-style movies and films, because they always looked so powerful and strong when conducting business with a cigar in hand, so that intrigued me. And, as a teen, you start to experiment with other things such as marijuana, underage drinking and smoking cigarettes. I never liked cigarettes, I did smoke “weed” and “dranked”, but I hated the smell and look of cigarettes, but while partying as a teen, you do just about anything, to look cool, unfortunately.

However, into my adulthood, I continued to try different smoking methods, while out being social such as black cloves and bidi’s cigars, still a very inexperienced, and not knowledgeable, about cigars, but I always knew that the smell, taste, and aroma always, stuck. And, as I went through many phases of trial and error, and sampling different cigars here and there, it slowly became a lifestyle and I became more knowledgeable.


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To speed things up from the early ’90s and 2000s, today, with Social Media, it allows you to connect and engage with others, so much easier and quicker. Especially, to see the abundance of numbers in female cigar smokers, now, which is impressive. However, even though there are countless female cigar smokers and we have now been accepted into the cigar clubs, leagues, lounges, and groups, the presences are still very male dominated and masculine on the surface level.

Therefore, being a female cigar smoker and wanting to change the exposure and appearance from looking so masculine, to those not in our “Cigar Community” or “Cigar Culture” to captivate a female audience, especially, non-smokers, to follow my social media pages about cigar smoking.  I started to incorporate other interesting dynamics by wearing a bold statement piece of jewelry, a clever T-shirt, using a nubber and wearing my signature Red Lipstick, while enjoying a stogie. Also, doing live feeds of me having cigars and posting cigar-photos, to show that female cigar smokers are just as sexy, classy, and sophisticated, if not even sexier looking with a big fat stogie in her hand.


And, without a doubt, you must have a nice glass of bourbon, whiskey, or cognac, and/or wine to complement your cigar. At least, those are my preferences, and darker liquor complements the cigar better, it brings out the embedded flavors and taste of your cigar. I am a weekend smoker or unless, I’ve had a very serious stressful day, or the feeling just moves me, I might have a cigar once or twice a week.

Female cigar smokers have made a pivotal impact in this industry, which excites me, especially since I’ve been a fan of cigars for so long when it was still taboo for female cigar smokers. There’s always strength in numbers, regardless of the views of others, believe that!

Author: Naimah Pears


Welcome to my blog, I ‘am Naimah “Ni” Pears! I always wanted to have a platform to share some of my creativity, as well as my enjoyment for cigars, bourbon, and whiskey, and too many other cool things to name all here.  However, I hope you will continue to visit my post(s), to learn more about me, as well as my reviews on cigars from my perspective. I ‘am not an expert, but I have more than enough experience to share with you, my sentiments about cigars. Also, please do visit my listed social media sites for a more personable connection with me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve become inspired. Peace and Love! Ni

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  1. Yes I too use to enjoy a stogie when. Out with my executives from the steel mill. Parties and country club outings. I will the life of most men there because I smoked a cigar. However as your mother aged the doctor told me to quite. I like to enhale the smoke which was hurting my my lungs. But if desire I will puff and not enhal. Keep up the good work. Will purchase from you soon love MOM lol

    1. Thank you very much mom. I love you and thanks for checking out the blog and leaving a comment! XOXO

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