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The color of red has been classified as a strong color, a powerful color, and it catches the eyes of others when one walks into the room. A very strong and confident person would wear RED, because not everyone can wear this color or live up to its meaning. It’s funny, but how you feel about yourself on the inside, will definitely show on the outside. As a child, we are groomed by our parents.  And, sometime as kids, we could often be picked on for our outer appearances, and/or differences.

Unfortunately, as a result of those actions, the very same kids that were picked on and teased, who are now adults, will still carry those burdens and hurts with them forever. There is nothing worse than the feeling of wanting acceptance, especially by your peers when you’re a kid. But, to our dismay, that’s not always the case, acceptance.

I was once not as confident, as I am today about myself, as a kid and as an adult. Especially, as an adult!!!!!!!! However, as you get older, you start to get a better sense about yourself and one must decide “What is my Worth” and “What do I Value.” And, when you discover this rule to live by, you are able to structure your life around this philosophy and rule.

Your way of life and living will become more meaningful and purposeful, because your thought process is changing and evolving, constantly.  Whatever happened in your past life, you can not allow it to fester, breathe, and give it life in your present life, if so, there will be no future. And, I’m not speaking of you physically dying, but without your own voice, who will hear you?

Let me note a key phrase from Steve Harvey, he stated that “Success is always under construction.”

When I first heard those words many years back, I knew then what my purpose in life was, and that’s to educate, inspire, and to be a voice for those, who cannot express themselves yet, because they have not learned how to listen, and/or hear the little voice inside of them to lead them into greatness.

I’ll be 40 years old next year, 2019.  It’s an honor, because with that comes wisdom, knowledge, and best of all, experience. Experience is and will always be good, bad, and/or indifferent and not concurrently, but that’s apart of “under construction” that Mr. Harvey is referring to “Success” for whatever it means to you, will exist and come, but what matters more importantly about your outcome, is determined by what and how you handle the bad times, the uncertain times, and the disabled, and unable times, you must put in your work still, and do your part.

Now here is where that average person would normally forget your whole point of planning out your foundation, goals, plans, affirmation, and get sucked in by doubt, fears, naysayers, discouragement, etc…, you cannot stop finding your purpose in these times, you must press harder, stronger, and be more forceful than you ever have before.

You cannot, you will not, and should not, give up on you, to become the person you see yourself as, work on him or her every day. I do!!!!!!!!!! And, then I redo it, flip it, and start over because I’m worth that much to “Me.”

As you look at me today, I might appear to have it all and that’s all surface level and superficial, and will come and go, but what I have that no one can take away from me that’s free, is confidence, and that’s priceless.

When I came up with “Red Lips and Cigar Sticks,” it was a no-brainer for me, the idea and concept, but to make the planning come to fruition, was all about timing.  And, I always say “You gotta go through it, to get to It.”

I’ll end this longer than what I was planning blog with this, listen to your inner voice, be still, and find whatever it takes to boost your confidence and self-esteem because it’s essential in life.


As a side note: When I put on this Vince Camuto fragrance and Elf red lipstick, along with a pair of shades, watch out baby that other Gemini is definitely floating in the wind, and the strong, powerful, in-charge, confident one is representing with these on…LOL.


Author: Naimah Pears

Welcome to my blog, I ‘am Naimah “Ni” Pears! I always wanted to have a platform to share some of my creativity, by writing, as well as my enjoyment for cigars, bourbon, and whiskey, and too many other cool things to name all here.  However, I hope you will continue to visit my post(s), to learn more about me, as well as my reviews on cigars from my perspective. I ‘am not an expert, but I have more than enough experience to share with you, my sentiments about cigars and the lifestyle that it encompasses. Also, please do visit my listed social media sites for a more personable connection with me.

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