Romeo Y Julieta/RYJ (Nicaragua)

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How do I begin to compose a review on a cigar that is so enchantingly succulent and delicious?  Well, you do this by getting straight to the point of the details and spare no expense. At the first puff and light of this cigar, it was an instant love and connection. The cigar has such a velvety and luxury taste that is so rich and creamy, and smooth. 20180626_191328-collage

This cigar is very sophisticated and astute! It’s alert and aware of its magnitude. From the firmness of the body, which is a tightly rolled cigar, to the angelic releases of its flavors and aroma, is unparalleled. I did a round cut, to receive all of its fullness.



This cigar is not afraid to take curves and demand attention, like my BMW. The Romeo Y Julieta-RYJ stands out from the other sister-brands of this line, and I believe it will be just as popular, if not more.

I would strongly suggest having this cigar while relishing at the moment with friends. My total smoke time was two hours, which I didn’t mind, at all. The flavors remained sweet, and the smoke is so striking and captivating that it fills your mouth and palate, so delicately, but still letting you know, I’m here.


It has a nice slow burn, its regal, its calm and gentle. You don’t want to rush this smoke session. Make it last and make it count! The cigar remained lit my entire smoke time. I did not do many hand adjustments while holding it, the stick remained firm, and the fire burned straight through, seamlessly.


I paired this with a glass of D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac, to enhance the boldness of this cigar, and to further arouses the palate. I used my ice stones to give my cognac an even more subdued and rich taste since you don’t have the watered down effect with the ice stones, you can taste all of the blends in this cognac and cigar.




Today is Working Women Wednesdays! Therefore, I wanted to write this review, today, as a continued solitude to support and uplift my sisters today, and every day! That we are always sexy and bold, and prideful! Lastly, my cigar photography photo was inspired by the band and color details of the cigar. And, interestingly enough, I wore the same color pattern, white/red, to work, the day before. I also wrote a blog about the significance of the color red, since it’s known to be a strong and confident color. Please refer to my recent blog on June 26th, 2018, “Today’s Red Lips”, for a full review of this article.


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