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Today, I was overly excited, to reveal my logo after I received it from my graphic design artist, Aaron-the-Artist. The anticipation that I already was experiencing, myself, waiting to get the final product from him, was making my anxiety rise because we’ve worked very hard collectively to get the logo where it’s currently at, as the reveal.  I would ask him to tweak this detail, and to add this detail, to take away this detail. I’m very obsessive when it comes to anything that I am passionate about, along with my OCD and “control freak” tendencies, I was a nervous mess…LOL.

I had confidence in his creative designs based on his profile page on IG and him being directly referred to me from another freelance designer, I knew Aaron must’ve been good. However, you just don’t really know, until you know. And, as much as I love my business logo and the attention to detail that took place, it does not mean that the public will be just as receptive, as you’re.

Nevertheless, I was glimmering with excitement, once I received my finalized email from him with my logo today around 6:00 a.m. Oddly enough, Aaron lives in Los Angles, California, so he was definitely committed to getting my approved and finalized project to me, ASAP., at that time of day, with the major time difference. I truly appreciate his commitment and customer service.

I shared my logo on all my social media outlets, and it was a success, over 140 likes/loves on Facebook and another 100+ on IG. I was delighted with the responses and many said they could not wait until the shirt comes out for purchase, which really excited me even more.

This has been the best new venture thus far and I am looking forward to serving and servicing my potential clients, and returning customers.

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