Power: Season 5

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The long overdue and anticipation for the season five premiere of Power, to begin, finally premiered on Sunday, 07/01/18 at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, and I was not disappointed. Yes, I know some of you overachievers just had to watch it on demand, the night before, or used other internet sources, to view it in advance, and/or searched for leaks, to see it ahead of schedule, shame on you….LOL…. I am too loyal of a fan, to do as such! Also, it does not have the same impact on me, to see it before its proper airtime. Just as with sports, you have rituals, before and after the game, especially, after a win. Would you want to see a winning game before it’s time for the game and you have purchased tickets, even though, it’s your favorite team? The answer would be, “No,” or so I assume, it would be.

Well, with Power, I treat it the same, like football, my favorite sport. I too have rituals and things we do in the Pears household before and after watching Power. Yes, it is that serious to me, it’s important and worthy of the attention that I give it.



I have been a longtime super fan of this show. It is hands down, the best television show that gives me that street influences, the lust and thunder about James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the invigorating relationship between Ghost and Tommy, 20180702_1225261                                             Image by https://www.pinterest.com

the ups and downs, and highs and lows with Ghost and Tasha, the upsetting and disappointing attraction Ghost has for Angela, which always leaves me with skepticism of Angela’s purpose and role, season after season, which causes me agony, pain, and frustration. And, to kick things into fifth gear, with Kanan back in the mix with the duo, Ghost, and Tommy, will only heighten the energy and rawness of this show.

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There are so many villains encompassed in this season that it’s going to take my emotions beyond imaginable.  I’m getting so excited writing this right now that I can hardly contain myself. Furthermore, what’s, even more, striking this season, is the change of actions with Dre and Ghost, who would have known, we saw it coming,  but not like this, little snake. Ghost is totally unaware of his new enemies, this came as a total surprise to him, completely unbeknownst to him that Dre could potentially outsmart him, or beat him to his game. I can’t wait to see how Ghost is going to play this out with this additional attention and pressure. I know one thing that I cannot seem to grasp, and that’s as smart and alluring as Ghost is, why the heck does he keep allowing Councilman Rashad Tate play in like a sucka, like butter played toast, unbelievable.

Through the death of his daughter, to being incarcerated, to reuniting forces with Kanan, to building an enterprise, to becoming victimized in his own demise, and having a son working against him, in a sense, Ghost must stay vigilant, to survive this season. I can’t wait to continue to see what will become in this crime thrilling drama and the mess that I will become by watching it, religiously and faithfully. I’m unsure if I will be writing another review about Power, but this first one for Season 5 was imperative and necessary, as a super fan.


Nevertheless, right before the show started, I prepared some overly large shrimp that was sautéed in the pan with olive oil, butter, minced garlic, fresh limes, parsley, cilantro, garlic salt, onion salt, old bay seasoning, adobo, and a few other seasonings to blend nicely with this combination, to make my shrimp succulent and flavorful.  Once the shrimp were done, I plated the shrimp along with some bold and spicy cocktail sauce. It was paired with Barefoot Bubbly Sparkling Wine, Pink Moscato, and a CAO Gold Maduro cigar. What a treat and welcoming for Power. CAO is definitely one of my Top 5 Cigar brands, any of their lines, I love. I figured this meal and cigar combination would do good justice for the primer of Power because I knew the show would not fall short, and nor did the flavors in this food, champagne, or cigar. What a wonderful Sunday.



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