Men’s Logo Reveal, July 9, 2018

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In addition to Red Lips and Cigar Sticks, we want to incorporate topics for our male readers. Therefore, we have officially titled Gents and Cigar Sticks, as the affiliated name to Red Lips and Cigar Sticks. This is the same brand, but we wanted to have an exact name for our men readers category.  In this section of the magazine blog, you will find articles about our “Dapper Gents”, Timepieces/Watches/Wallets, Self-Care Tips, Sports, Beards/Bourbon/Boats/Burgers, Fedora’s/Caps, Health/Fitness, and Cars/Bikes, to name a few.

I am excited to have a section that will properly reflect my Brothers of the Leaf (BOTL), because you’re just as important, and I am overly excited to reveal the official logo for our men T-shirts, Gents and Cigar Sticks.

There will be a lot more cool things coming and in the works for Red Lips and Cigar Sticks and Gents and Cigar Sticks, please stay tuned, engaged, and involved. And, most importantly spread the word, click, like, and share. And, please like and comment below, as well as subscribe.


Author: Naimah Pears


Welcome, I ‘am Naimah “Ni” Pears! I always wanted to have a platform to share some of my creativity, as well as my enjoyment for cigars, bourbon, and whiskey, and too many other cool things to name all here.  However, I hope you will continue to visit my post(s), to learn more about me, as well as my reviews on cigars from my perspective. I ‘am not an expert, but I have more than enough experience to share with you, my sentiments about cigars. Also, please do visit my listed social media sites for a more personable connection with me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve become inspired. Peace and Love! Ni

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