Street Allure Music Group: Craig “Cartier Womack” Roney and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker.



Gents and Cigar Sticks musical talent highlight presents, Street Allure’s breakout artists, Craig “Cartier Womack” and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker.


When you’re having a cigar with friends, it’s about the fellowship, the memories created, and the stories that are told and shared that can be new or old. Especially, the old ones, they never get old hearing, or it depends on how dark and deep of a wound it penetrates, once it’s been retold, if it’s funny or not, will always remain true in the eye of the beholder. It is always funny and fun, to kick back with your buddies, your pals, your friends, and enjoy each other’s company, especially if the music is being played.


Catching up on the fast pace of life that often moves us in different directions that we often become too far apart in our friendships, but once back in the presences of each other, we pick right back up, as if time stood still, and it’s just us suspended in time, reminiscing about the things we did, the things we have, or the things we lost.


As you sit and gather your thoughts among your friends, you begin to reflect, you become one with the moment and one with the familiarity of those around you, and you begin to have a better appreciation about life and those bonds and friendships that you’ve made over the years.


Not too many of us can say that we are still very close to our childhood friends. How common is it for childhood friends to remain active in each other lives as adults, even with social media, it’s still very hard to stay connected and in communication with everyone. However, childhood friends Craig Roney and Emanuel Parker, appear to have mastered this connection and everlasting friendship, seamlessly.


These two grew up together, attended school together, as well as overcoming obstacles in their younger adolescent years of life. Those earlier years of setbacks, better prepared them for adulthood as fathers, and as men.




Because of those experiences earlier in their life, it gave them direct insight on how going down the wrong path without the proper guidance, leadership, direction, heavy involvement from your community, both parents being persistence, embracing the proper teachings from those who are wiser, and most importantly, developing patients, is vital, to avoid unnecessary trouble in your youth.




Craig and Emanuel are both from Michigan, AKA: “The Mitten” or “Michigan Made.”


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Today, Craig and Emanuel are two individuals, who are very profound, conscious, knowledgeable, intellectual, have a vast amount of wisdom, they’re enlightening and encouraging brothers, and are overly motivated for the massive to hear their sound.


These two have always kept their passion for music at the forefront regardless of their adversities. Craig and Emanuel overcame their struggles as teens, and have always worked on their music collectively, as lyricists.


Though they have been childhood friends, since they can remember, they also have been more recently working on crafting their talents and honing in on their skills, as rappers, professionally.  To add to their mix they’ve teamed up with J-Dot, who got “mad bars”, too. You can check him out on Facebook as Lamar “J-Dot” Robinson, click on the name to be directed to his page.


Craig and Emanuel have different styles when it comes to rapping such as Greg Nice and Smooth B of Nice & Smooth, but their delivery is epic and powerful, together. They both handle the mic with clarity and rawness when it’s time to bring in that baseline and hook. I promise you that your head won’t stop rocking from one punchline to the next.  Craig presents a more charismatic and illness, metaphoric and versatility delivery, as Emanuel just rips through rough, rugged and raw with his rhymes and slick play on words that’ll leave your head exploding and dodging to take cover. It’s organic and natural for them both, it’s not forced, and you can hear that in their current tracks.

Craig and Emanuel are what I would classify as polished rappers, because of their wordplay, which depicts their flow to the next flow, that’s so chopped up and formulated, structured and designed, as they tell you the stories about their past lifestyle, the crooked and twisted ways of a hustler, to the broken and imbalanced methods of the justice system, to the brash and humble beginnings growing up in the “Mitten,” to the rugged, and hard setbacks of life, to bring you forward and embrace their understanding now about love, relationships, fatherhood, and the unimaginable possibilities, as they become triumph in their careers.



Craig “Cartier Womack” Roney and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker will quickly remind you, as to why and how you feel in love with hip-hop with these genuine and talented up and coming artists. Their style puts you in the mind of the good classic MC’s of the 80’s and 90’s era, but still modern and tempo enough, to be relevant for radio play, today.


As the Ol’skool sayings go, “Step-up or get Stepped-on,”


I am sure these two buddies since childhood will have a celebratory cigar and continue to sit-back and collaborate and share their ideas and visions, just as they did so long ago, which has gotten them to the point of where they are, today.



You can review their first video on YouTube, “Unconditional Love”

In this video, Craig “Cartier Womack” Roney is the breakout artist, which he covers the ups and downs in a relationship, but how you can overcome it, with having unconditional love. This is a smoother and classier sound, similar to a love ballad, but make no mistake these boys go hard check out “I’m Dope

To hear more music and see further videos from Craig “Cartier Womack” Roney and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker, please click on their names, to be directed to their IG pages.

However, in the meantime, below you will find a sneak peak of their latest project, “Runnin Back.”


“Manny Maserati” 


“Cartier Womack”


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