Red Lips and Cigar Sticks Fashionista of the Week: Danielle Holland

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Danielle Holland from Charlotte, NC. She currently resides in Ohio and today is her birthday, so Happy Birthday Danielle!


Danielle is a sweetie and not a newbie to the leaf. She’s been smoking cigars for many years. Her stepmother introduced her to her first cigar, how cool, since they own a cigar lounge. Therefore, she was introduced to cigars very early and it has always been a part of her life.


Staying Smokey!

Danielle is known in the cigar community for her self-start-up-business, cigarjewlsbyd.


She makes customize cigar jewelry (bracelets/necklaces), wine stoppers/accessories, and cigar pokers/ nubbers.




These customized nubbers are designed to enhance your smoking experience and assist you to avoid difficulty while smoking your cigar, as it gets to the end.


They are ideal, because they’re an aid for you, as the cigar becomes unmanageable to hold, at the end, as you try to avoid your fingertips from getting burned.


The custom-made nubbers insert into the cigar as an extension at the end, and you hold onto the nubber, while you complete your smoking session. You can find out more about her business at cigarjewelsbyd.


Danielle is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, world traveler, and has a very mature taste for fine wines, cigars, and whiskey/bourbon.





Alec Bradley


Six Grapes Wines

She has an in-depth knowledge about cigars and their regions. Danielle has met numerous cigar makers.

Omar de Frias

She attends countless local and regional cigar events, which has allowed her to establish great relationships with cigar makers/ club owners.

Omar de Frias

Danielle is a very classy, unique, passionate, sophisticated, professional young lady, who has great head-on-her shoulders.



She believes in living your best life, while you are here! This is displayed through her travels, friendships, taking risk and chances, and pushing the envelope a little further than expected.


Danielle Likes Cigars and Pipes!



Learn more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram @ eliza0713 

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