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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Joanne from Winston-Salem, NC.


Joanne is a very lovely and classy lady. She’s soulful and sensual. She commands her own space and demands her respect.


It’s not that she’s overly cocky, or necessarily trying to intimidate anyone, but when you walk through the door with her statue of being 6’2 and voluptuous, she’s going to attract attention, wanted or not.


Joanne is such a “Boss Lady” it’s not intentional, but when you look at her, you can’t help but see her lustrousness and boldness that pivots through every picture, naturally, which is magnificent and beautiful.


Joanne’s a sweetie. She loves cigars and her wine, and let’s not forget, a lady of the “Crown,” drinks Crown.






Joanne is an Island Gal! She was born in the Virgin Islands.

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She is definitely a lady of purpose and has a burning fire inside of her because there’s no task too low, shallow, or too high that she’s not willing to take on the challenge.


Joanne is beyond devoted and loyal to her career, family, and friends. She’s highly motivating and unforgettable!


Especially, with her signature look starting with her infamous hairstyle, the silver/bleach blonde hair mid-section short-du.



To her sultry pronounced red lips!


And, Joanne’s lengthy sharp pointed red nails are all apart of her signature looks.



Also, how can we not include her traditional preference of a “Big Boy” style cigar, Real-Boss-Like, and of course, her love for Crown and anything brown!






This Red Lips Fashionista has exquisite taste and a very mature palate for fine cigars, wines, and whiskey.

Screenshot_20180726-012029_InstagramJoanne is a force not to be reckoned with, she’s mighty, strong, durable, and she knows her worth. This Sister of the Leaf (SOTL) is living her best life and has learned to love life!

Learn more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram @oes_doi_queen.

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