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The saying is true that most women like to shop. It does not matter if you are shopping for clothing, groceries/household-items/supplies, special occasions/events, it could be for the children and family, and/or pets, we will find a reason to run out to the store and lets not even talk about the holidays, but you get my point, we do shop a lot.

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However, women are better prepared shoppers, because we have a list, we have a plan, and we know what deals to look for, and that’s simply because we are always in the habit of shopping in abundance, regardless, there’s something that’s always needed.

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And, if you are married, as with most husbands, they see our shopping as splurging and blowing money, creating bills and wasting money, and not as saving money.

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And, if you’re like me, you have some key word(s) or catch phrases for justification that normally goes like this, “It was on Sale, honey,” “It was damaged, so I got it on Sale, honey,” or “They had a BOGO Sale, so I didn’t spend anywhere nearly as much on a normal shopping haul/run, honey.” LOL….. You got to do whatever it takes, to keep the pressure and eyes off of you.

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Therefore, since I am a frequent and compulsive shopper, I have a large selection of clothing in my closet with tags and in the boxes, still.

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Many of my clothing items aren’t worn, which is a good thing, because this always keeps my attire fresh and new looking when it’s time to step out. And, for my clothes that are worn and need cleaning, they are sent to the dry cleaners, to keep the shelf life of the clothes looking newer longer. I truly don’t buy expensive clothing items, most are all purchased $25 and under, but I do shop, regularly, and I’m buying more than one item at a time, so it adds up with each purchase, but still a bargain.

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Now, when it comes to my purses and a few others must have items, then I’m spending the higher dollar amount on those, but of course.

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Therefore, when it came time to put together my looks for the photo shoot, I was able to come up with my own creations from my signature looks.





I must have my accessories and shades. I don’t feel like myself if I don’t have my shades on. They are truly an extension of me and once they come on, my true personality comes out, even more, if you can believe that.





I assume my shades bring out my alter ego, well I am a Gemini, too…LOL. And, don’t let that hair just get freshly done, you can forget about it.




Nevertheless, when I pick out my outfits, I normally start from the top and work my way down, and then I apply the matching and coordinating accessories, shoes, purse, and so forth, to make the whole assemble suit me. I typically, dress by my mood or how I’m feeling, so I don’t often like to pick out my looks too far in advance, because I might go through a whole metamorphosis and change it all out. Overall, my style is always classy and sexy, and sophisticated and edgy. The looks for the photo shoot were items that I had all in my closet, aside from ordering my T-shirts. My mother assumed that I purchased a few pairs of my shoes because they still had tags on them. I said, “Momma, No.” I’ve been had those items or shoes for years and never wore them. Some items just stack up, until it’s the right and perfect time, to pull them out.

Pink: Peace and Love Tee and red/silver bracelet to match a workday look, which you can purchase from the online store! The yellow clutch was purchased from my favorite consignment store, Clothes Mentor. The necklace, black vest, orange skirt, and belt are from Cato Fashions and the shades are from Versona. The black booties lace-up shoes are from Payless20180803_233739

Black: Red Lips and Cigar Sticks Brand Logo Tee and bite me red lips bracelet, you can purchase from the online store on the shop tab. This look is good for casual Friday, or going out with your girls, or guy! The white jeans are from Old Navy, the yellow converter wallet is from Michael Kors, the red shoe wedges are from Marshalls. The earring is from local hair supply store or Versona…I forgot…lol. 20180803_234134

White: Red Lips and Cigar Sticks Brand Logo Tee and white bracelet line are on the online store for purchase.  This look is definitely a weekend look for date-night, clubbing, or attending a social event such as a concert or performance. The Bow-Tie shades are from Vernette Sharon on IG. The red wooded heart earrings are from my local beauty supply hair store. The jeans are from Rue21, the mustard colored clutch is from Aldo and the shoes are from DSW.  20180803_233807

Yellow: Sister of the Leaf (SOTL) Tee, another great weekend look with your girls or going somewhere special such as dinner, the movies, a lounge, and/or birthday party. This tee is available on the online store. The earrings to the left longer style pair are from Aldo, as well as the orange fringe style pair, and the clear shades. The orange studded wristlet is from Michael Kors, the jeans are from Rue21, and the shoes are by Guess.

20180803_233823I wanted to share my looks with you for further review, as you’ve probably already seen them from the pics on social media, but here’s the story behind the outfits.

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