Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (How to loosen your cigar)

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss how to loosen your cigar, because it can often be rolled too tightly.

How to loosen your cigar:

A nice hand-rolled cigar, you might encounter that it’s rolled too tightly for your preference because this makes it harder to pull on the draw, as you’re smoking. Therefore, one thing you can incorporate into your routine, even before you light your cigar, is to gently squeeze and massage it.  I call this “caressing” it, feeling it out, and warming it up. I like to roll my cigar back in forth between the palms of my hands, as a way to loosen it up. Also, it’s best to do this beforehand, then light your cigar.

However, if your cigar is a little too tight on the draw, once you first light it; you can use a poker or ice pick, to insert into the length of the cigar from the top to bottom, to loosen it up. Disclaimer: Please be very careful, and do not burn yourself, and/or damage the wrapper of the cigar. This is why always caressing it, as I explained above before lighting is beneficial.


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