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TGIF and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Karen Elizabeth from Warminster, Pennsylvania.


What a great way to kick off the holiday weekend, by reading a new article from Red Lips and Cigar Sticks, to get you pumped up and motivated about enjoying the remaining days of summer. And, since it’s an extended weekend for many of us, it would be nice to take a quick beach break, have a stogie, and spend some time with our friends and family.

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Also, another option for this weekend could mean that many of you will be utilizing your talents on the grill, and/or partaking in some good home-style (barbeques, barbecues, and/or BBQ’s) depending on where you’re from…lol.  Either way, take this time to enjoy yourselves and be safe!

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As an avid cigar lover myself, I always showcase my cigar photos being paired with the typically preferred drink of choice that consists of wine, whiskey, bourbon, and beer pairings. However, unlike myself, Karen has a much more fawner appreciation and preference to pair her cigars with coffee.

For many cigar lovers, they love cigars and coffee together, and some prefer their cigars with coffee only, over the traditional bourbons and whiskeys such as Karen, who truly loves and enjoys her cigars with coffee.

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For them, this is the perfect pairing and balance, especially if you prefer the Maduro-wrapped cigars, then you’re in total bliss. For example, one may consider pairing a Latte & Montecristo White Serie Rothschild, as their preference.

Coffee and Cigars

Perhaps, one would prefer a stronger combination and have an Espresso & Tatuaje Black Label Cazadores. Nevertheless, whichever is the preferred choice, you better believe that there are just as many coffee pairings for cigars, to satisfy all coffee lovers, just as it is for us bourbon lovers.

Coffee & Cigar Pairings

As it pertains to Karen, she has a profound love for cigars, as well as her coffee. Karen doesn’t necessarily require any special blends, it’s just important to have the two together, as she enjoys it.

This cigar enthusiast is caring, loving, supportive, and loves to have fun. Also, she tries to take advantage of the times that she can just kick her feet up and sit-back while enjoying the moment and having a cigar.



Karen is such a doll and totally obsessed with her gorgeous “Big Hair” as she likes to call it, which is beautiful and luxurious, it has volume and full of deep colors of reds, bronzes, and blondes, which exemplifies her character, along with her freckles.

Karen is a huge fan of Marilyn Moore, as well as the era of the 80’s, which is true and dear to her heart.


This Red Lips Fashionista is this week’s spotlight because she’s so warm and enchanting, she really has a big heart, and she is classy and sexy, and of course, a confident woman!


Karen is a very passionate person, as well as an avid cigar lover.


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  1. I am the luckiest man alive to call you my girlfriend Karen Elizabeth. This article is great.

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