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Today’s Dapper Gent is Lamar McCullough from Rock Hill, South Carolina.


Lamar is a very cool and charismatic gentleman, with a lot of southern charm. He is gentle, attentive, and always considerate of others. Lamar is a health guru, he spends a lot of time in the gym to improve his bodybuilding techniques and to keep his body at its ultimate performance.

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Also, Lamar loves to cook on the grill or the “smoker”, in the south, the slow cook method is very popular, and it’s pretty much necessary, to prove that you know how to grill or call yourself a “Grill Master.”


Lamar is a very laid back, cool, calm, and collective brother, who is loyal to his family and friends. You can count on him to be dependable and reliable for support and reassurance at times of uncertainty. Lamar is very optimistic and objective with his judgment, which is crucial, to be a logical and practical thinker, especially in these current times that we are living in.


There are many great attributes about Lamar, but what stands out the most about him, would be his beard.


Lamar is a “Beard Gang” affiliated, if he’s aware of it or not. There’s a heightened popularity to wearing beards these days, which to me, they have always been very distinguished and necessary. I truly love a full beard on men and I think a beard, elevates the manliness in one. Especially, when it’s properly groomed and completely full, it is very attractive on a man.

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For the black community, it is pretty much synonyms that the men and women of our race, we can be found at our local barbershops and hair salons on a Friday evening, and/ or Saturday morning. And, for many of us that have our regular and standing appointments based on our specific days and times, nothing will interfere with that appointment, not even God…LOL…


It is a must, to keep the attention to detail of our looks, intact! These historical places are landmarks for us, it’s where you go to share good news about yourself and your family, it’s your outlet, you can talk about sports, you can vent, you can show off your new cars and motorcycles, you can just about share any and everything you please, as well as talk about the good and bad times of life in general.  The barbershops and hair salons are your “Safe Haven” for those few hours that you are there, it allows you to escape from reality and your day-to-day stresses, as well as responsibilities.

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When you come to those locations for your services, it’s just like going to a family reunion, you’ll see so many people in there that you might not have seen in a while, or many are there with you every time you come, and of course, just like any other reunion, you will be asked the infamous questions.

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“How’s such-and-such doing,” “When’s the last time you talked to such-and-such,” “Do you still stay over by such-and-such,” Do you still work at such-and-such,” and the list goes on and on…LOL.

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The barbershops and hair salons are a staple in our communities because they are the foundation of our heritage. Many of us have been going to these parlors, since we were kids, for services, and/or as tagalongs. As a result, we learned so much more about our mamas and aunties, uncles and cousins that we may not have been exposed to if they didn’t take us with them.

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In the upcoming clip that’s at the end of this sentence, it depicts the one gentleman that’s always got something to say, and believes he’s the best thing since sliced bread, which we all know someone like this, but it truly makes for a good and fun time in the barbershop, please click here fun time in the barbershop.

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Nevertheless, as it pertains to Lamar, he’s not an overzealous person and nothing like the character from the movie clip above, but as a regular attendee to the barbershop, I was certain, he would get a kick out of this classic movie, and this clip would bring humor for all of us, because we’ve all witnessed this in the barbershop.

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When Lamar is not overworking himself at work, at the gym, or dealing with the day-to-day battles of life, he likes to take time to himself and unwind with a nice glass of cognac, crown royal, or he’ll even have some vodka, to mix it up.

In summary, Lamar is a classic gentleman, who has a passion for grilling, great southern values, and traditions that are unique, and he wears his beard well.


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his IG page @lboogie935

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