Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Nyya

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Nyya Weaver from Cleveland, OH.


Nyaa is a cigar and foodie lover. She loves to travel and have great premium cigars, as well as exotic and exquisite food.


She loves sushi and cuisines with squid and octopus, and a great cocktail to complete her meal.

Nyya is a Midwesterner and has been smoking cigars for roughly eight years.

ifudontknownyyaknow-1536281904864.jpgNyya’s passion for cigars all started when she would have dinner parties at her home.

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She would introduce her guests to a variety of cigars that range from Acid to Java for the beginner smokers and she offered a more full-bodied smoke option for the veteran smokers. By doing this, this allowed her to become a more matured and educated smoker, as well as getting a better idea for the particular types of cigars out there. As a result, she developed her own preference such as the Maduro-wrapped cigars, over others.


These dinner parties became traditional and a rewarding treat for her guests, who attended, because they are always looking forward to seeing what cigar options will be presented after dinner, which is exciting for them, and somewhat expected, too!

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Nyya is a cigar goddess with her sultry and seductive eyes, which she resemblance Tracee Ellis Ross, is what I see when I look at her.


Nyya is a powerhouse, she has height, a great shape, and she’s very confident, and has a carefree personality.

Also, she’s from the 90’s era, so she has a different type of assertiveness and assurance about herself, along with swag. She’s a Midwesterner, so she’s a force to be reckoned with such as myself, we don’t “play any games.”


Nyya’s an avid cigar enthusiast! You can always find her having a smoke session in her car and jamming to some good classic, Hip-Hop.

It’s great to see when others don’t take themselves so seriously and can let their hair down, it’s a great feeling, to not worry about what others think of you. You have one life to live, so live it!


Nyya swears that she always has a “resting bitch face,” but she does not, truly. She’s a beautiful soul, classy, and astute, never confuse her smirk for bitchy, she’s unique. Her facial expressions just mean that she’s comfortable in her own skin and dares anyone to challenge that, so rock on with your bad self, “who gone check you boo.”

Nyya enjoys her Maduro-style cigars such as a The Liga Privada Unicos, which is a super-rare line of cigars made by Drew Estates that has taken the cigar world by storm. This cigar is a full-bodied smoke. Also, she enjoys the Liga Privada No. 9, the undeniable classic cigar.

Nyya is certainly an experienced cigar smoker and she has many favorite cigars and different ranges depending on her mood. Overall, there’s really no discretion for this cigar enthusiast, when it comes to cigars, a good smoke, is a good smoke, regardless! And, she keeps that in the forefront. Nyya is not afraid to smoke the larger and heavier cigars such as a CAO Flathead.


The CAO Flathead pays homage to the American muscle cars. This cigar was made totally different from your traditional round or torpedo shaped head, this sleek handmade is completely squared off, and for Nyya, just as this cigar, why blend in, when you can stand-out. Nyya can appreciate the boldness and sophistication, and craftsmanship of this cigar, or any cigar for that matter.



Learn more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram ifudontknownyyaknow


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