Seductive Saturday Spotlight: Toddlin and Precious Jenkins

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This weekend’s Seductive Saturday Spotlight is our first husband and wife duo, as a compilation. We are excited to showcase Toddlin and Precious Jenkins as cigar connoisseurs and health enthusiasts for this feature.


Toddlin and Precious currently reside in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Toddlin is originally from South Carolina and Precious is a Floridian.

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Toddlin serves in the Navy. And, here is where he was first introduced to cigars, roughly 15 years ago. This exchange occurred during a port call in Puerto Rico, by a former shipmate of his, who enlightened him about cigars.

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Toddlin quickly grew and developed a passion for cigars. Once he became further educated about cigars and eagerly wanting to share his new-found pastime with someone, he introduced his wife to cigars. Toddlin explained the well-known and smaller nuances of enjoying a premium cigar to his wife. As a result, this engaged and inspired her, at the time, to further explore cigars, as well.

Toddlin and Precious are both experienced cigar smokers since they’ve both been smoking cigars about the same length of time. It is routine for them, to unwind and enjoy a cigar, at every available moment. Toddlin is a more historical and noble smoker, he can appreciate the history behind the cigar such as the people who labored to make it and the geographical content of where the stick is from.


Precious enjoys and welcomes the opportunity to embark with friends or family, as she may sit down to share a cigar with them, and/or is accompanied by her husband’s presence is enchanting to her, and enjoyable.


For this couple, sitting down to light a cigar is special. Especially, when you live in such a beautiful place like Hawaii, you can’t go wrong, it is special.  Living in Hawaii must be a stress reliever, as well as having a fine cigar, a tasty beverage and a few good friends nestled in paradise are magnificent!


Toddlin and Precious are inseparable! They love spending time together while enjoying a cigar and having cocktails with each other. Toddlin and Precious have been married for 21 years and are truly and deeply in love with each other, still! Their love exudes and shines through for each other, as you can see from their pictures, you can tell by Toddlin’s attentiveness towards his wife, he truly adores and admires her.

Check out this cool video they made the “Smokers Boo’ed up challenge.”

Toddlin is a distinguishing gentleman, who loves Scotch with his cigars and Precious is a margaritas/daiquiris type of girl. Totally different ends of the spectrum, as it pertains to beverages, but these two are sincere and passionate about their cigar selections and choices.



Toddlin enjoys the more traditional cigars such as Partagas, Punch, Liga Privada, Cohiba to name a few.

Precious enjoys cigars with a slightly sweeter taste for her palate such as an Acid Kuba, or to mellow it out, she will go with a Nub or Drew Estate Undercrown.

Also, Toddlin creates cigar sampler packs for purchase, which you can review and see on his Instagram page.


Precious is a very seductive, confident, and classy woman. She has a lot of sex appeal and she’s very stylish, as well as edgy.

These two also love to be physically active, working out and being healthy is a very important part of their life. There are no skipping days or inconsistency when it comes to going to the gym, for them.  They are always working out like gym rats, setting new weekly goals, and managing their schedules to include gym time, along with leisure time. They try to be motivators for others that health matters and by displaying images of themselves working out for inspiration.



making40lookgood--1536762867973.jpgAlso, these two are football fanatics and I’m honored to announce that the Carolina Panthers are their favorite football team! #KeepPounding


What a powerful couple, who shows profound love for each other and living their best life with each other still after 21 years of marriage.


You can learn more about these two on Instagram Toddlin Jenkins and Precious


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