Self-Care Tips (Handwashing)

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. In addition, I believe that self-care is just as important, as picking out your cigar to smoke or your tie, and/or purse to complete your look. Therefore, I’ve added in these “Sunday’s Self-care Tips,” which consists of many different topics such as how to freshen up after smoking, proper handwashing techniques, products suggestions, and just about anything related to personal care, as a cigar smoker. Look for these to be added weekly, as well.

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How to properly wash your hands: 

Sunday’s Self-care Tips: A new video is on the IGTV channel, Red Lips and Cigar Sticks, which I share with you how I like to use these items in the photos to help with properly cleaning my hands and skin after having a cigar at home. Also, an alternative item to quickly use to cleanse your hands while at a lounge or a cigar event. Properly cleaned hands is more sanitary for all purposes, but especially after having a cigar, since your hand to mouth is in constant rotation, a buildup of saliva will remain on the tip of the cigar that your fingertips are in constant contact with, so this is good hygiene and Cigar Etiquette to have clean hands between smoking and being in contact with others.

Using a handsoap that has scrubs in there are adding a face scrub into the palm of your hands while washing your hands is really good to cleanse the skin and to assist with removing the smokey smell from your hands and fingertips after having a cigar. Also, the scrub softens your hands and provides a deeper cleaning method, which really freshens you up after having a cigar.


If you are away at a cigar lounge, cigar event, or even out and about golfing, and/or running your normal errands, and you aren’t able to apply these methods at the time. You can simply use a hand sanitizer to freshen your hands and forearms up, to remove the smell and quickly and easily. I like to use the Purell mini size pump one because it fits into my purse, and/or my cigar bag easily, it’s not bulky or big, and it’s convenient with the pump. I like the naturals one in particular because it has essential oils and a skin conditioner, which is good for the hands, and does not dry them out. It does not have a scent or fragrance, it’s just clean and fresh, which is best.

20180916_100152.jpgAnother product that I like to use, is a Tea Tree Oil, which is great for many purposes to moisten your hands, as well as it’s antifungal, which is really good to use as a second layer after you’ve washed your hands or sanitized them, to avoid passing of germs when shaking someone’s hand or giving a high-five. There are many brands and price ranges for Tea Tree Oil, but you can use what’s best suited for your price point, and if you want one with a higher concertation, you can visit places like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare to name a few. I like this one since it’s small in size and it can fit perfectly into my purse, and/or cigar bag. And, this brand is very inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere such as your local drug stores, hair stores, and Target and Walmart.


Also, for my men, my BOTL’s this is good for your beards, to moisten it up and remove that smokey smell that seeps into your skin and pores from your beard, after smoking. You can rub some of this into the palm of your hands and rub on your beard, to give it a freshened-up touch, it has a little coolness feel and possibly tingles for some. This is good to add for everyday use for grooming your beard.



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