Dapper Gent of the Week:  Douglas Sanford  

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Today’s Dapper Gent of the week is Douglas Sanford from Birmingham, Alabama.


Douglas is a golfer and a cigar enthusiast; he enjoys the sport of golf.

For Douglas, golfing provides him with a great deal of pleasurable experiences that are relaxing and therapeutic, as well as an in-depth build-up of anticipation, as he positions himself to take his swing for his golf shot, the unknown elements of where the ball will go, what will the ball do, how far will it travel, can increase a golfers anxiety, and it can boast one’s ego with a good shot, or flatten it with a bad shot.


However, Douglas plays it smooth and he always has a great premium cigar to keep him mellow and relaxed while he plays golf. Golf is a great game, but it’s not for everyone. And, just like cigars, they may not be necessarily preferred by all, but for cigar lovers and golf lovers, this is a perfect complement to each other.


Douglas has been smoking cigars for seven years, which he was introduced to cigars by a golfing buddy. It is evident that golfing and cigars go hand in hand.


Getting out on the golf course is a great pastime and a way to unwind, especially with a stogie (or two) only makes the experience better, and when you can introduce someone new about cigars, is a good thing! It is rumored that major deals, contracts, business ideas, and many other pertinent information are discussed on the golf course, and a lot of actions come into play after a game is played.

green leaf trees on grass field
Photo by 10 Star on Pexels.com


Douglas enjoys coffee and his cigars together and that is when he will have a Maduro style cigar, to please his palate. He also enjoys a mild-smoke cigar such as a Connecticut, along with a nice glass of whiskey.

Also, Douglas is a motorcyclist, who loves to ride his big Harley Davidson, the bike without limits. And, on a great day, or any day, you can find him cruising the streets in his convertible.


Douglas is a stylish dresser on and off the golf course!

Also, he loves the Florida Gators.


Douglass is our Dapper Gent for the week, because of his love for golf and cigars, he is kind spirited and passionate, as well as he’s an overall stand-up guy, who is well rounded and equipped to handle any situation.


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his IG page @dfresh1000


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