Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (How to purge your butane lighter)  

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss how to purge your butane cigar lighter.

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How to purge your butane cigar lighter:

Just as with cigar cutters, you will find that there are many types, styles, and variations of butane lighters, which are essential for cigar smokers. Clearly, cigar lighters are a must for cigar smokers seeking high quality, functionality, and sophistication for an enjoyable smoking session.  No true cigar aficionado should ever be caught without the best cigar lighter. However, in the same sense, sometimes your butane lighter doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to! Therefore, you should consider purging it. So, what exactly does this mean? Purging is simply decompressing your lighter, once it’s empty. You can achieve this by depressing the fill stem and allowing the air that is trapped within the empty gas reservoir to be expelled. You will know it’s been properly purged when you cease to hear any hissing.

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Once you’ve completed this simple task, which is something that I consider to be one of your normal routine easy care and maintenance for your cigar processes, your butane lighter should be back to normal to properly light your premium cigar.



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