Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Octavia Toliver

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Octavia Toliver out of Atlanta, Georgia.


Octavia is a Public Figure in the City of Atlanta. She’s an ambassador and liaison for the “Cigar Community” and the “Cigar Lifestyle.” Octavia is heavily connected and she’s a driving force that’s contributed to eliminating the disparity between men and women cigar smokers.


Octavia’s dedicated contribution and enthusiasm have made her a pillar and a staple in the “Cigar Community.” She’s devoted herself, selflessly, to pave a way and bridge the gap in this industry. Her brand, “She Smokes Too,” is a very recognizable and notable brand in the Cigar Community.  Octavia has set the foundation and raised the bar from any stereotypes about cigars only being for men.


Octavia is a self-proclaimed cigar mogul, who has promoted and leveled the playing field, which has created a gateway for other women to be recognized in this industry, as well. She does this effortless, as it appears, by being influential, engaging, supportive, and an advocate for female cigar smokers in a professional and sophisticated way. She’s building an empire and so many of us female cigar smokers are ecstatic that we can be represented properly, as well as having a platform that pays homage to us with class, grace, and sophistication through “She Smokes Too.”  This gives us the opportunity to connect, fellowship, and mix and mingle on a larger scale that may not have been presented, otherwise, as female cigar smokers.


When you attend a “She Smokes Too” event, you will see how this glorifies the elegance and grace of women near and far, to be in the company of each other in a supportive and sisterhood type of way! Women united and not divided is not always displayed in the social realm of things, which is why I was honored, to have been invited and in the presences of so many phenomenal women, and now we can share these stories and memories, to inspire others, is impactful!


The “She Smokes Too” event was one of the most outstanding social functions that centered around the “Sisters of the Leaf.”


Also, it was a part of Atlanta’s Cigar Week, which was a 7-day eventful week of activities that started on Monday, September 17th through Sunday, September 23rd. Atlanta’s Cigar Week consisted of multiple scheduled events and themes that were held throughout the city at some of the most established and exquisite cigar lounges/shops in the area.  These functions were all unique, they had meaning and substance, as well as providing a great in-depth insight about Atlanta’s cigar cultural and community.  And, each event truly brought a crowd whether it was an over-the-top type of event or a casual bikes and boogie day party, it welcomed the novice, cigar veterans, interested partakers, and the non-smokers, but observers out for a good time.  Cigar week in Atlanta is a grand occasion and one you don’t want to miss, you truly want to be a part of the action.  It provided great exposure, if you’re new to the industry, looking to learn more about cigars, and overall wanting to be a part of the lifestyle and culture, you’ll find your niche.


The official proclamation was presented to Atlanta during Cigar Week, which will now officially deem Atlanta’s Cigar Week every third week in September moving forward. How exciting is that for such a great city and that’s a major accomplishment for those involved with the preparation and planning needed and required for this to potentially happen, outstanding!


Octavia is truly a beautiful person, inside and out! I am glad that she was able to accomplish such a monumental milestone for her city because she’s truly kindhearted and has a giving spirit about herself.


She’s motivating, inspiring and she genuinely cares for others wellbeing and betterment, which is uplifting!herficionado-1538057808051.jpg

This Red Lips Fashionista is extraordinary and fashionable, yet she remains humble, encouraging, and resilient.


Learn more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram @herficionado


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