Dapper Gent of the Week: El’Jefe Hargraves

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Today’s Dapper Gent of the week is El’Jefe Hargraves from El Paso, Texas.


What is a “Dapper Gent?” How does a cigar complement a “Dapper Gent,” one might ask? Well for starters, cigars have always from the beginning of time been associated with wealth, money, and power.  Whether these ideas and thoughts in our heads about cigars came from the images that we’ve seen from the consumption of fine handcrafted cigars, by politicians, business executives, lawyers, sports athletes, gangsters, and even movie stars. We’ve visually formulated an opinion about cigars based on the premise of our perception without even smoking one.

Photo Credit: The Smoking Savant

Cigars have become synonymous with success based on those images that we’ve ebbed in our head, as it relates to being wealthy and powerful! When you see a cigar being held in someone’s hand, it certainly gives off a vibe of confidence and sophistication, as well as elegance and superiority.


Also, whoever you saw as a reference point for cigars, you also may have found yourself tentatively reviewing their physical appearance and mannerisms such as how they conduct and carry themselves, or even to sizing-up their clothing attire.  As we all know and have seen in movies with gangsters, who are notorious for having a cigar, they also are always sharply dressed and well groomed. Just as movie stars and athletes, are infamous for being trendsetters and picking up huge endorsements and contracts with brands and clothing lines, as well as hiring a stylist to keep them looking impeccable from top-to-bottom. Even the politicians, business executives, lawyers, philanthropist to name a few are always professionally suited, to give themselves an advantage and stand out, to be more recognizable. This is the “New Normal!”

Therefore, there’s only one title that’s suited for a man, who is well groomed and polished, and that would be a “Dapper Gent,” which is short from “Dapper Gentleman.” Overall, a gentleman is a man that’s noble, polite, calm, and considerate of others, especially, he ensures that he is chivalrous towards women. Therefore, when you put the two words together, as “Dapper Gent,” you get a gentleman, who cleans up well and is dressed nicely in a formal way, he has a neat and stylish sense about himself, his hair is properly trimmed and tamed, he may even grow a full beard, to give him a more unique and intense look. He may even have a manicure and pedicure from time to time, or weekly. His clothing preference is always superb and polished, it can be over-the-top, or nice and reserve with a fedora, to give just enough pizzazz.


And, when I think of a “Dapper Gent,” I think of El’Jefe Hargraves! El’Jefe is a retired Combat Veteran. He retired in 2009 after 20 years. He became inspired to start his business in 2013, El’Jefe Bow Ties, which encompasses the very nice detailing and specialty craftmanship of bow ties.


El’Jefe knew that choosing the right bow tie for many can be cumbersome. Therefore, he hired a seamstress, who would assist him with making his bow ties and fabric choices stand out, by adding textures, bold colors and patterns, making them sturdy and masculine, to enhance a gentleman’s look in an unexpected way.


El’Jefe prides himself about not having to raise the prices on his merchandise since he opened. He has a great clientele and an abundance of returning customers.  El’Jefe Bow Ties are very stylish and classy, and he can achieve any customary look to accommodate each person’s unique styling preference.

El’’Jefe is a “Brother of the Leaf,” (BOTL), he certainly enjoys a great premium cigar. He is accessible to the “Cigar Community,” as well as to anyone looking to have some nice matching coordinates, to take their suits and attire to the next level.


El’Jefe has the best bow ties selections, as well as and pocket squares sets. There’s no limitation to the creativity and variety of bow ties at El’Jefe Bow Ties.

In summary, being a “Dapper Gent” is not only associated with wealth and money, per say, but it’s a lifestyle that comes with many perks when done correctly.


A “Dapper Gentleman,” is the strut and confidence that expels from a man’s dominance and masculinity, to how he walks and carries himself, it’s the inner and outer appearance and his mannerisms that sets him apart, as well as his cigar that confirms, he’s in control, a boss, a leader, a gentleman!


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his IG page @eljefebowties


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