Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Handle that Ash!)  

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss how to handle that ash!


Handle that Ash:

Hello to all my fellow cigar enthusiasts, although we have such a great time and take so much pride in seeing how long our ash can get, as we smoke our cigars down to the nub. It is exciting to see the result of your cigar, fully or partially in an ash state, once you have smoked your cigar down and have a beautiful ash length, at the end of your cigar. And, sometimes, we go through great measures to achieve these perfect photo shots that capture the full length of the cigar, in its glory, with a lengthy ash!


This has become a great sport and entertainment, to see all the pictures circulating throughout social media of these ash contest photos or just for fun photos of lengthy ash after the cigar was completely smoked. However, there is always the danger of an inside “air pocket” causing the ash to prematurely fall off, usually in your lap or on the floor or rug. Therefore, once your cigar’s ash reaches about an inch in length, you should tap it off, into an ashtray, to avoid any risk or hazardous situations.  Also, sometimes, if you attempt to dump the ash and it does not fall off, properly, this means you have a well-made cigar, and you should continue to smoke it for a little while longer until it finally falls off into the ashtray, or you gently flick it into the ashtray. And, this goes for those who like to stand their cigar up on the end of the ash, too, as if it’s “King of a Chess piece.”

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A cool alternative that can be done, if you are outside smoking, and/or around a lawn and so forth, and you don’t have an ashtray, you can just toss the cigar onto the lawn, an unlit one, to avoid fires. A good quality premium won’t harm or hurt the grass, or soil. Cigars are natural, and they will not harm the elements of the lawn, especially your grass if one was tossed into your lawn.

nature garden grass lawnPhoto by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


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