Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Sandra Dulin



Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Sandra Dulin out of California!


There is something special, classy, and mystical about a female smoking a cigar. Ultimately, there’s no significant difference about the actual cigar in comparison, between men and women, as cigar smokers, we both love the leaf, the tobacco leaf. However, women bring a different type of vibe and style to the form of cigar smoking, it’s unprecedented, unparalleled, and unmatched!  The level of sophistication, femininity, sexiness, and style that we bring to the cigar culture, as female cigar smokers, is very rewarding and exciting! Also, the bonds that we share as “Sisters of the Leaf” (SOTL), it is definitely a sisterhood! Especially, when it’s displayed appropriately, it’s powerful! Also, as female cigar smokers, we don’t want to be only viewed as cigar models, cute female cigar smokers, or uneducated about cigars, we want to be viewed and seen at the same level as men cigar smokers, with integrity!


Today’s Red Lips Fashionista, Sandra, who was first introduced to cigars, while onboard a cruise ship roughly 18 years ago at Puerto Vallarta. At this time, Sandra was an inexperienced cigar smoker, but she was still very interested and intrigued by the “Cigar Night” that was being held on the cruise ship, as one of the social functions. Therefore, she and her husband both novices eagerly grabbed a couple of “Cuban Cigars” and prepared for what would be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable nights, they’ve experienced.  This is the beauty and serenity to vacationing, the exposure to different cultures, environments, foods, sounds, tastes, appearances, and so many other key things that you may not have learned about if you never step outside of your comfort zone.


For the mere fact that Sandra took such a bold move, 18 years ago, she’s now embellished with history, knowledge, and facts about cigars!  Also, she’s very polished and can provide some great content and details about cigars, since she’s tried several cigars paired with different libations, to discover those were not her preference, but she’s learned that she prefers a mild cigar with either a glass of champagne or a glass of Pinot Noir.


As an avid cigar smoker, you become a part of the “Cigar Lifestyle,” which exposes you to a plethora of female and male cigar smokers in the “Cigar Community.” You build these relationships and when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll get to meet so many beautiful people in person at these great functions, lounges, cigar events, or through social media, which only enhances your cigar experience and exposure, as it did for Sandra and her husband.  Sandra believes that she’s gained true friendships and looking forward to learning more about cigars and meeting others, as they share their stories!


Sandra is our Red Lips Fashionista because she truly likes to be connected and engaged, she has a great spirit and personality, a very caring and passionate person, who adores the relationships that she has established through social media. Sandra truly is a happy, kind, loving, and outgoing person, who loves to travel, as well as embarking on the journey of building friends and sharing stories, while having a great premium cigar.


You can learn more about this Red Lips Fashionista @simply_sandra_d


Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


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