Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Handle that Ash! Part 2)  


As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss how to handle that ash!  This is a continued topic from last week’s article about how to handle that ash, we felt like there were a few more tips to provide.

Handle that Ash:

Hello to all my fellow cigar enthusiasts, last week we discussed how exciting it is to achieve and maintain a long ash, as we smoke our cigars down to the nub. It is exciting to see the result of your cigar, fully or partially in an ash state, once you have smoked your cigar down and have a beautiful ash length, at the end of your cigar. However, there is always the danger of an inside “air pocket” causing the ash to prematurely fall off, usually in your lap or on the floor or rug.

Therefore, to continue this topic, we wanted to break down the overall consensus of the ash purpose.  A long ash, to a degree, helps your cigar burn cooler by filtering out the incoming air. This ash-filter process keeps the cigar from burning too hot and helps build flavor, keeping in mind that taste and flavor are highly subjective. Essentially, the ash keeps the cigar cooler, so that it doesn’t heat up too fast an affect the flavor. Also, the ash tells no tales, because it will inform you if your cigar is properly humidified.

As in the previous article, we discussed how you want to avoid the risk of your long ash falling off into your lap, and/or on the floor, to prevent any hazardous situations, which is why we suggest for you to “Tap your Ash.” A true test or clue, to tell if your cigar is properly humidified when tapping your ash, the ash should come off in a solid chunk, which is indicative of a properly humidified cigar. Unfortunately, if your ash is flaky or split in half, long ways, then you may have an issue in your humidor. Also, please review this article on how to properly maintain a good temperature for your humidor for tips click here

Lastly, as it comes to handling the ash and checking for consistency, you want to have a precise burn line, one that’s a straight line, and/or a razor-thin burn line. And, you can achieve this with most premium cigars that will offer this as a result without issue(s).

We would like to thank our BOTL, nick_da_barber72, for being a contributor for today’s cigar tips, we appreciate you!


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