Dapper Gent Spotlight:  Joseph Hollins


Gents and Cigar Sticks: Dapper Gent of the week is Joseph Hollins out of Nashville, Tennessee.


There is something special about a relationship between a father and son, a father sets the tone and boundaries of the household, he is the authoritarian voice that depicts what will and will not be when you’re a child. And, though many of these forceful demands and restrictions may have seemed overly protective and too restrictive, at the time, as a child. However, as you become an adult, you later discover that you’re a better man with great value and exemplary character, as a result of those enforcement, and/or reinforcements.   And, for those of us who grew up without a father in the home, make no excuse, there was always some form of a father-figure around us, even if we were not as accepting or receptive to the fact, someone was playing that role, unbeknownst to us, and deep down inside, you were able to form that connection, without admittance.

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As it pertains to our dapper gentleman, Joseph, who was very close to his grandfather, this is even more of a profound and deeper connection, then one you will have with your biological father. Essentially, boys-to-men overall benefit from the wisdom and influence of other men, over and above what their father can supply. Therefore, the relationship that Joseph had with his grandfather was of distinctive value and it came with many advantages. When Joseph was 17 years old, he was first introduced to cigars, as he would attentively and very observantly watch his grandfather smoke one, while relaxing in his recliner. At that point, Joseph became very intrigued about cigars, especially, about the process of cutting, lighting, and enjoying them. Therefore, as he got older, he started to indulge in them, to commemorate his grandfather. When Joseph is having a cigar, he is always able to go back to a place in his mind, when he and his grandfather would talk and spend a lot of time fishing. These fawn memories resonate in Joseph’s mind, while having a cigar, and it allows him to feel as if, he’s in the presences of his grandfather.


Cigars have a deep connection with Joseph, it’s symbolic to him, as well as refreshing and rewarding. This is the beauty about cigars because you really get to stop what you’re doing and be still, and truly embark on the journey, as well as reflect on the past in the hour to two hours you are smoking your chosen cigar.

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Also, Joseph is a motorcyclist, who is a Harley Davidson bike owner, which he truly enjoys his bike, along with a cigar.

When Joseph is having a cigar and depending on his mood, will influence what drink of choice he will indulge in.  Most often, he likes green tea sweetened with honey with his cigar.

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Joseph is our Dapper Gent of the week because he has a lot of interesting things about himself and family values. He has strong ties to law enforcement as well as being a Navy Veteran. Also, he’s a huge sports enthusiast, who loves that New York Yankees and the New York Jets.


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his FB page: Joseph B-Dot Hollins


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