Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Use Cedar Spills)  

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss how to use cedar spills to light your cigar.

Cedar Spills

There are so many benefits to having a Spanish cedar lined humidor, for your personal use, because it maximizes the aroma of the cigars, the smell of cedar blends well with tobacco, and it helps to retain moisture. As you will notice, when you have a box of cigars from a manufacturer, they as well use thin sheets of cedar inside of their cigar boxes, for the packaging, before they are shipped off, which is for the same reasons noted above.  However, did you know that you can too light your cigars with the same cedar that lines your cigar boxes and humidors?

Photo Credit: Cedar Spills for lighting cigars

These are called “Cedar Spills.” The benefit of using cedar spills to light your cigar is to keep a natural and organic light with no impurities. Many like to keep the taste of their cigar intact. Therefore, by lighting your cigar with the cedar spills, there’s almost no other substances or aromatics to contaminate or interfere with your cigar’s taste. Also, the cedar strip imparts a slight cedar flavor to the tobacco and it burns much slower than a match, giving you more time to fully and properly light your cigar.

You can purchase cedar spills through your local and online cigar shops and suppliers, and/or you can create them on your own. To create a cedar spill, simply snap or cut a thin strip of cedar from a full cedar sheet, light the spill, and use the flame from the spill to light your cigar, as shown above. If you use the cedar spills to light your cigar, you will surely look like a seasoned pro and level up your look from the average smoker.

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