Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Cigar Jargon)  

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Cigar Jargon

Hello “Cigar Community” and “Cigar Family!” Thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks.

Today’s Tuesday’s Cigar Tips will be just an easy and fun read and its geared more for our novice and those new to the culture. I have a lot of people, who are new to cigars and have noticed that there are a few terms that I reference, too, and they’ve inquired what does that mean. Therefore, today I just wanted to put out some very standard words that are related to cigars specifically, as well as words that we say in the “Cigar Community.”

Overall, these words can be used as a cross-reference for a resource and by no means, are these the only words related to cigars in general, but this will give you a good start, especially, if you are new to the “cigar culture.”

As your building your relationships and attending cigar events, going to lounges, making purchases at your local retail shops and storefronts, or just overall sitting in the comfort of your friends, who are major cigar smokers, you may have heard them use some terms that you weren’t really sure what they mean or what they are talking about, but you are too embarrassed to ask, because you don’t want to seem or appear out of place. Well don’t you worry and look no further, below is a little glossary of terms for your pocket, and/or “Mental Rolodex.”


Standard Terms:

Binder — The leaf that is rolled around the filler to hold it together such as a binder to hold sheets of paper together.

Blending – You’ll have many specialists, who have mastered the art of “blending,” whereas they’ve created a “recipe” to achieve a certain characteristic of flavor for a particular cigar.

Box Press — This is related to the shape of the cigar, which is squared off, oppose to being rounded, as a traditional cigar.

Cap — The piece of tobacco that covers the head of the cigar, like a hat that covers your head. However, you will ultimately clip the cap, in order to smoke your cigar.

Filler — A blend of tobacco that forms the thick center of a cigar and contributes to its overall taste.

Foot — The end of the cigar that you light.

Handmade — A cigar that has been bunched and rolled entirely by hand either at a factory or by a vendor.

Hand rolled — A cigar in which the wrapper has been rolled onto the bunch by hand, which can be used interchangeably as “handmade.”

Head — The top of the cigar, where it’s capped, and where you cut from.

Maduro – The term is given to describe a cigar with an ultra-dark wrapper, a very strong cigar.

Perfecto — An all-time classic shape of a cigar.

Plume — The crystallization of oils from the tobacco of a cigar. You will notice a light grayish-white dust spec on the surface of the wrapper (cigar), similar to mold on bread. However, the plume is not harmful, it’s a sign of aging, and enhances the cigar’s taste.

Premium Cigar — A term used to describe a high-grade, 100% tobacco, long filler, handmade cigar.

Ring — A unit of measurement divided into 1/64ths of an inch, used to calibrate the diameter of a cigar. For example, a cigar that is a 32 ring is 32/64ths of an inch or 1/2 inch thick.

Smokers — The term shortened to reference “cigar smokers.”

Stogie — Nickname to describe any cigar.

Torpedo —  The head of the cigar, which resembles a pyramid.

Wrapper — The outermost leaf of a cigar that is rolled around the binder. This is what you see when looking at the cigar.


Community Terms:

Brother of the Leaf (BOTL) – A term of endearment to reference a male cigar smoker, as your “brother” connected by having the same interest and being like-minded, who respects and loves the tobacco leaf.

Cigar Community – The full existence of those like-minded individuals as a unit, who support one another and speak the language of cigars and the lifestyle, and embraces the cigar culture that’s been created, wholeheartedly.

Put Some Smoke in the Air (PSSITA) – A term used to reference you are smoking a cigar and blowing cigar smoke into the air.

Sister of the Leaf (SOTL) – A term of endearment to reference a female cigar smoker, as your “sister” connected by having the same interest and like-mindedness, as it relates to the tobacco leaf.


Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


Welcome, I’ am Naimah “Ni” Pears! I always wanted to have a platform to share some of my creativity, as well as my enjoyment for writing, loving cigars, bourbon, and whiskey, and way too many other cool things to name all here.  However, I hope you will continue to visit Red Lips and Cigar Sticks, the magazine, to learn more about me and the Cigar Lifestyle. I’ am not an expert, but I am extremely knowledgeable!

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