Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Does Size Matter?)  

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Does Size Matter?)  

As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it, and there are a few things we learn along the way. Therefore, today’s cigar tip will discuss does size matter?

Does size matter?

Many cigar enthusiasts love to have a great length of ash at the end of their cigar, so yes, for some, size does matter. We are talking about cigar ashes here and nothing else…lol.


In a previous article, I talked about safety with maintaining a long ash, you can click here, to view that article, if you have not. However, today, we are simply discussing the joy and excitement with the longer the ash, the bigger your craving. For starters, to achieve having a long ash, you must take into consideration what cigar to select, to give you a “Big Ash.”

You want to pick a good quality cigar or brand that you know is made without imperfections and will be a good burning tobacco leaf.


Once you have your chosen cigar, it’s all fun from this point on, to see how long you can get your cigar ash. So, the question is, “Does size matter? Absolutely! The thicker the cigar, the stronger the ash. The ash will be more structural supported with a big ring gauge cigar, oppose to smoking a Robusto style cigar, but it’s based on your preference and expertise.

In the process, of achieving your long ash, it’s not a race, take your time with it, steady and slow, and be certain the cigar has no soft spots. If so, you’ll be touching it up, along the way, which could be sacrificing your ash and it becomes subjected to falling, prematurely. There are a few other elements to factor in such as the humidity, location, and angle of how you’re holding your cigar, but that’s not that overly concerning.

Overall, you want to just pick a good cigar that you like to smoke, one that’s thick enough and good enough for you, and have fun. You can even enter smoking competitions if you’re that fascinated and it’s desirable enough to you through The Cigar Smoking World Championship.

Keep it Smokey, my friends!!!!!!!


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