Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Do you hold a cigar with your teeth?)  

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Do you hold a cigar with your teeth?)  

As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it, and there are a few things we learn along the way. Everyone’s techniques and routines are different, based on your own preference or there can be some similarities. Therefore, to further connect with you and provide you with resources and details about cigars, I’ve created these weekly cigar tips for you to utilize.

Do you hold a cigar with your teeth?

This question may be up for a big debate about whether you do or do not hold a cigar with your teeth. For the most part, this is based on preference and how comfortable you are with managing your cigar in your mouth, or not. However, as an etiquette standpoint, you don’t want to exhibit this behavior. It could come off as a brute action that’s not elegant or sophisticated, which is the opposite of what cigar smoking is known for, it’s sophistication.


However, as a transition, I will hold my cigar between my teeth, to reposition it better, and/or if I’m adjusting the cigar from one hand to another while removing from my mouth, I often clinch the cigar between my teeth. And, when I’m taking a selfie. Also, once the cigar is very small at the nub, and if I am not using a nubber, I will too clinch the cigar in-between my teeth, while smoking or to get a better grip of the cigar with my fingertips.


Lastly, please never talk with the cigar in your mouth. It’s best practice, to remove the cigar first and then speak. This is a gesture of respect for the person your speaking to in front of you, or even if it’s a crowd, audience, and/or if your recording a video, be respectful!

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Keep it Smokey, my friends!!!!!!!

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