Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Traci Irven

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Traci Irven out of Jacksonville, FL.


The current hot topic in the “Cigar Community” is whether women are changing the cigar game, or not. I believe with confidence that we have changed the face of what the stereotypical idea that only men smoke cigars, look like. As female cigar smokers, we have enhanced the abeyance and added mystery to the “cigar talk” that goes on in your local cigar lounges and cigar shops. We’ve adapted to and have fully embraced the flavor notes that are in cigars that we can articulate, we get a good deal of enjoyment in the taste and aroma of a good cigar, and we like the feel of a cigar in our hand, just as any male cigar smoker, does. Also, we are very knowledgeable about cigars and surprisingly, so many of us prefer a full-bodied cigar to smoke.


Yes, it is factual that we as female cigar smokers have changed the cigar game from being a “Boys Club,” to a more diversified union. There’s no major separation or division in our cigar experiences, because overall, it’s a community orientated lifestyle that allows the opportunity for all to come together, while enjoying a puff with our spouses, friends, business partners, and/or executives, cigar group members, and so many more, to have good conversations, and good cigars.


Therefore, when our Red Lips Fashionista Traci, who has been smoking cigars for six years, decided to become a business owner in the cigar industry. There was no hesitation from her that a service was needed in this market, especially, from a female’s perspective. Traci had no idea that when she was first introduced to cigars during a golf tournament networking event, she would one day, be a cigar distributor.  Therefore, she and her business partner created Ultimate CEO, which is a cigar brand that maintains a good mix between a mild and dark leaf, cigar, which is very smooth, and this blend is for all palates.


The cigars that are offered at Ultimate CEO is a Maduro wrapper and a Connecticut wrapper, which both are of Nicaraguan leaf with an Ecuadorian wrapper.


As a business owner and a “Sister of the Lear” (SOTL), Traci believes that the cigar culture has given her the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, who are open and linked-minded, who she’s subsequently done business with.  Traci is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week, because of her business sense, she’s been a business owner for 21 years including many self-employed endeavors such as Team1Service and now adding a cigar line to her repertoire, the Ultimate CEO, she’s very proud of her accomplishments.


When Traci can take some time to herself, she likes to puff on a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Toro.  Here palate has been moving forward to a more rich and heavier blend, and just as myself, the LFD Chapter One, is one of her favorites, too. Traci likes to have a Johnny Walker Black or a good Red Wine, South African Malbec, as her pairing, while having a cigar.


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on her Facebook pages Traci Irven.

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