When Tobacco Was King

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Today’s article will highlight, book author, Paul E. Allen, who wrote the book When Tobacco was King. Paul Allen BA, BPE, M. Ed is a retired Ontario High School teacher, who taught Physical Education, Health, History, Business, and Canadian Law courses at the secondary school level for 32 years.

Photo Credit: Paul E. Allen 

What connects Paul to the “Cigar Community” is that he’s a historian and his family has a deep-rooted connection to the original existence of tobacco grown here in the United States in Creedmoor, North Carolina, and Granville County.  This book covers the origins and history of tobacco in Canada and the United States.

Photo Credit: Paul E. Allen 

This is Paul’s first book, which he is a son of the former President of the Canadian Leaf Tobacco Company, (a subsidiary of the Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia). Paul will discuss in this book his father’s personal records, his own research and personal memories, and knowledge of the tobacco business, gained by growing up so close to the tobacco industry. This book will cover how his family, a tobacco family, got their national acclaim, as growers of some of the finest tobacco in the south.

Photo Credit: Paul Allen (Paul’s Grandfather)

Paul will also cover, how the tobacco business evolved from the 1860s to its 20th-century zenith and then look at the state of the tobacco business today. This book demonstrates how tobacco brought employment and prosperity to those who participated “when tobacco was king.” You will further see how governments throughout the world have reaped huge tax revenue from the industry and examine the philanthropy of individual tobacconists like William Macdonald, Mortimer Davis, David Stewart, and James Buchanan “Buck” Duke, who all generously supported hospitals, museums, and universities like McGill University in Montreal and Duke University in Durham. This is not just the historical biography of one southerner or one or two tobacco companies, but it is a testament to all the tobacco men who made significant contributions in an always controversial, but fascinating business.

Photo Credit: Paul E. Allen  (Those are all cigars on the lady and plane)

I believe that Paul’s book would be a great read for those, who are truly interested in history and would like to have a further insightful knowledge about the tobacco industry in the United States, that so many are unaware of, and/or unsure about, because when you think of cigars, and/or tobacco most are only associated with Latin American countries. This book, When Tobacco was King, is well written and an accelerated researched book that gives a fascinating look at the tobacco industry in U.S.A. and Canada.


You can find out more about Paul and his book on his website: When Tobacco Was King Book. Also, you can follow him on IG: @thetobaccobook

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