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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Dinika Reed out of Silver Spring, Maryland.


There is something amazing about a female, who has a love for football and cigars. And, after coming off an upsetting football season for so many of us and to witness a 6th Super Bowl win for Tom Brady, it’s time to get back to the basics! Let’s talk about cigars and fashion.

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It brings me excitement to introduce to my readers, another phenomenal “Sister of the Leaf” (SOTL), who has been smoking cigars for almost 10 years. Dinika was first introduced to cigars through her father, who she admired, as he would sit in the yard and have a cigar, to unwind and enjoy his peace, after coming home from a long day of work, as his downtime.  On one occasion, Dinika decided to keep him company and of course, she asked questions like “Why are you smoking?” and “What are you smoking?” Her father’s response was an in-depth one, which struck her interest and intrigued her enough, to try her first cigar.


The very first cigar that Dinika completed and fully enjoyed was the Acid infusion cold. After wanting to learn more about the craft of cigars, along with her cigar journey, she endured plenty of hits and misses, but her palette became more in tune with what she was most attracted to, which is a full-bodied cigar.


Dinika loves to pair her cigars with Grand Marnier and a good medium-full-to-full-bodied cigar. And, as a treat to herself, on every birthday, she’s made it her point to have either a Davidoff Chef’s edition or an Opus X paired with Grand Marnier 1880, as a special gift.

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Dinika is an avid and daily cigar smoker, which she’s not against trying new cigars, whenever she can, as well as indulging in a nice glass of wine, and/or coffee to complement her cigar, depending on how stressful her day was. Her favorite cigar is definitely, the Opus X Lost City. She openly admits that she is obsessed with any cigar that AJ Fernandez is a part of, a true fan. And, right now, her favorite stick of his brand is the New World Cameroon. Dinika stands by her statement that this cigar is magical, because of its notes, the pull of the cigar, and the smoke that gives her reasons to light up and live another day, pure bliss.  Also, she likes the M by Macanudo, which she adds that this is a great breakfast stick, because of its lack of overpowering sweetness. This cigar is very subtle in flavor, absolutely smooth, and a cloud of tasty smoke that would go well with a good cup of coffee or Frappuccino.

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Dinika’s definitely a taste and texture cigar smoker, which comes with experience and having the opportunity to have smoked many cigars, to be able to identify many of the notes in a cigar.


Dinika is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week because of her cigar knowledge, as it relates to learning and complementing your palate, to have a vast and grand amount of experience with taste and textures of the cigar, to acquiring a perfect desire and a best-suited cigar for your smoking pleasure and experience. This Red Lips Fashionista is a classy lady, who exudes confidence and can educate the masses about cigars!  Also, she’s a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan and a great “SOTL” that has a true love and passion for the leaf.


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on her IG page:@divadinika

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