Dapper Gent of the Week: Wayne Breedlove

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Today’s dapper gentleman (Dapper Gent) of the week is Wayne Breedlove out of Richmond, VA.


For us in the “Cigar Community,” we get what cigars mean to us and why they’re so enjoyable. However, for any of our readers that aren’t cigar smokers, but have gained a lot of interest through me and my features, and you’re a devoted follower, as well as a frequent reader of our blogs. I appreciate you!!! And, I would like to share a little further insight on this lifestyle, if you did not know, already!


Having a cigar is not in any way an addiction or a quick fix, to take the edge off. In fact, we look forward to these experiences, because they are appealing and tangible to our senses such as our sight, smell, and taste. Also, having a cigar allows an opportunity to “slow down” for a moment, from our busy lives. Having a cigar gives you one-on-one time or solo-time for relaxation and enjoyment!

And, for many of us, who has been smoking cigars for a very long time such as our “Dapper Gent,” Bree, who has been smoking cigars for about 15 years. When he has a cigar, he reaches optimum satisfaction, because he understands a lot more about the make-up of a cigar and he has a profound appreciation for the draw of a cigar, which is vital for maximum cigar enjoyment.

For example, if the draw of the cigar is too tight, not enough smoke will reach the palate, which is essentially the very most vital premise of smoking a cigar, getting that taste. When this occurs, it’s hindering the level of flavor your taste buds receive. Also, the less smoke one pulls in with each puff, the less smoke one exhales, decreasing the amount of aroma noticed, which smells, and taste goes hand-and-hand with just about anything and especially, as it relates to cigars.


And, of course, 15 years ago, when Bree was first introduced to cigars by a close friend, he did not know all of this, as many of us inexperienced smokers, who are just “smoking to be smoking,” as it looks cool, we don’t initially know all the nuances and flavor notes of a cigar, either. Premium cigars are not cheap, and cheap cigars are far from premium, which this statement pertains to great scotches and whiskeys, too. And, as your experiencing your cigar journey, you will waste some money and spend more money, as your learning and acquiring what’s preferable for you or not.


Bree likes to pair a high-end of scotch such as Glenn Livett or Glenfiddich with his favorite cigars.


Over time, just as anyone else who was previously learning, Bree’s palate matured, as well as his knowledge base about cigars, elevated. And, some of his favorite Cuban brand cigars would be the Ramones Allones, Partagas Solamone, and the Partagas series E #2. Also, some of his top Domestic brands consists of the 1926 Padron and the Arturo Aniversario Destino al Siglo


When Bree is not taking in the time to enjoy a cigar, he’s busy working with the staff and patients in the health field, as well as being a collaborator to some of the biggest and local artists in the music industry.  Bree gets a lot of fulfillment from helping and working with others, as well as having a moment to receive optimum results each time he has a cigar.  Bree is a cool “BOTL” of the leaf, very chill and laid back and he’s our “Dapper Gent” of the week because of his tenacity and realness.


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his IG page: @aficianado99

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