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Today’s dapper gentleman (Dapper Gent) of the week is LeAndrew Albert out of Manassas, Virginia.

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LeAndrew has been an avid cigar smoker for nine years. He was first introduced to cigars by a cousin, who lives in Peoria, Illinois, which is where LeAndrew is originally from. While he was with his cousin, he would smoke cigars, occasionally. However, LeAndrew did not really start smoking cigars, regularly until he took a government contract position, which relocated him to the DMV area.


There was a cigar lounge that LeAndrew would frequently visit at the time, while it was still in business, is truly where the cigar journey and getting familiarized with the culture begun for him.

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LeAndrew likes to pair his cigars with Glenmorangie 25-year-old or Woodford Reserve.

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LeAndrew likes to smoke cigars by Gurkha, Cohiba, and Brick House.


There are some really cool things about LeAndrew, which is why he’s our Dapper Gent of the week for his outgoing spirit, his creativity, and he’s a book author. His first book titled “Something More Comfortable” that’s available at Amazon.


This book consists of a collection of poems that represent the myriad of things you go through to find true love. The spin of this book titled stems from a reference of words that women say all the time about slipping into “Something More Comfortable.”

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LeAndrew’s company, StarGod, LLC and his brand name Black Velvet, which is his stage name as a poet and he’s a podcaster, which he promotes about all things related to finding healthy black love. He has many products on his website, too!


You can learn more about LeAndrew through his website www.iamblackvelvet.com and on the FB business page, I Am Black Velvet


You can find out more about this Dapper Gent on his IG page: @blackvelvethd

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