A Trip to Cuba, Melaine Andrews

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 A Trip to Cuba, Melaine Andrews

Today, I wanted to present to you a piece of reflection from a great friend of mine, Melaine Andrews, who recently visited Cuba. I am using pieces from her blog, to show her expression through words as an enclosure to inspire us all, to go outside of our comfort zone, even when things seem so unfamiliar, unmatched, unparalleled, and not practical. There’s always an opportunity and a lesson to be received!


When the opportunity presented itself for Melaine to visit Cuba, she had her own intentions and how she would go about her days and time there. However, she was truly surprised and inspired by how much this trip changed her life and her perception, about life, all together.


Melanie is a non-smoker! However, she truly appreciated the value, beauty, culture, and history behind cigars in this country. Even more so, after an encounter on a bright sunny, morning with cumulus cotton-like clouds floating in the atmosphere, she ventured into the deep tight streets of Old Habana.  Melaine stumbled upon an old lady, who shared with her some history to the “Cuban Cigar.”

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At first, Melaine was hesitant to learn, because she’s asthmatic and the thought of breathing in smoke from her experience of previous situations, has always been her nemesis, and the thought of lingering puffs of savory sweet cigar smoke seeping deep into her lungs, frightened her. However, she obliged and heard the wisdom flow from the lips of the bronze-toned smooth-skinned aging woman that pierced her ears with facts about cigars.


Melaine sat attentively and listened to the beautiful women explain how cigars are part of the fabric of Cuba and other parts of the world, who affectionately seek the sweet-savory flavor that’s sensual-to-the-soul because it’s such an exotic smoke, and classified as a perfect cigar. Surprisingly, as Melaine continued to sit with patients and obedience listening, she noticed that the smoke from the “Cuban Cigar” did not irritate her asthmatic lungs and she was starting to identify the sweet smells coming from the cigar, as the ladies continued to speak with her about cigars.


Melaine is a non-smoker and what she was starting to have was an epiphany that something was significantly special about a “Cuban Cigar,” since she was not experiencing the normal scratchy feeling in her throat, no coughing, and no tightness in her chest.  This resonated with her, because at this very moment, for what she’s experienced countless times because of her allergies and being asthmatic, she was not being affected. She lost focus of concentrating about her allergies and started to gain and receive this knowledge that was being presented to her about Cuba’s cigar history first-hand, which was beyond the depths of what she would imagine, which ultimately changed her perception of reality about cigar smoking.


What Melaine learned is that Cuba was everything that America is not and the sentimental value of this country’s history runs deeper than she imagined. And, most importantly she learned by seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching, the true beauty behind a “Cuban Cigar” is so special because of the handmade process, it’s a premium cigar that contains only one ingredient, which is 100% tobacco, and its soil is so rich, which is one of the most important attributes to getting the flavor of a cigar. And, for this, mindful interaction, and the-act-of kindness Cuba felt like and became home for Melaine, at that very moment!

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