Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Dress Code)

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We’ll be on vacation this week!!!! Today’s tips will be the only article for this week! We will miss your interaction this week and we thank you for being a faithful reader! Also, we are keeping this tip today light and simple, for a true quick read!

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips

As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it, and there are a few things we learn along the way. Everyone’s techniques and routines are different, based on your own preference or there can be some similarities. Therefore, to further connect with you and provide you with resources and details about cigars, I’ve created these weekly cigar tips for you to utilize.

Dress Code


For the most part, the dress code is dependent on the type of lounge you plan to visit. If you are newly visiting a lounge, then as I’ve mentioned before, it’s best to do your research and inquire about the lounge so you can be prepared with the rules of the lounge, membership fees, as well as have an idea of the atmosphere, to dress accordingly. I would highly encourage you to review the lounge social media pages to have a visual from their posted pictures, as well as to see any videos posted, to gage on the lounge’s atmosphere.


However, if you’re looking for an overall standard rule of thumb, it can vary because some private member lounges may require a jacket and tie, whereas some sports lounges may only require shoes and a t-shirt.

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I believe you should always dress to impress, when going out, and not as you feel, and it’s always best to dress up, rather than down. And, so many cigar lounges have social events, so please be sure to check their calendar of events page, if it’s not listed on their social media pages, to be prepared for this too, just in case a certain theme is in place based on the event. I would also suggest subscribing to your frequently attended lounges so you can receive their emails, which will keep you updated and informed.

Overall, for a great experience, visit one after going out for a nice dinner, because you’ll more than likely be dressed appropriately for the cigar lounge. Many have jazz playing or performers, which can be a great complement to your outing. And, of course, a pair of trousers, a sports jacket, and a golf style-shirt are acceptable at virtually any establishment for men.

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If you’re still unsure, just call and ask!

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Lastly, if this is your first time visiting a cigar lounge, please keep in mind that whatever you wear, you will more than likely leave out smelling of cigar smoke. Therefore, for my ladies that might be accompanying a date, to a lounge, as the first time. I would highly recommend downsizing on your purse and not bringing in your larger favorite, and/or everyday purse into the cigar lounge, to avoid the after-smell of cigar smoke that will penetrate your purse. Also, your attire, hair, accessories, and pretty much anything about your person, you may notice the remaining smell after your departure, it’s inevitable, unfortunately!

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However, there are self-care tips in the blog that you can reference to, click here.

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Keep it Smokey, My Friends!!!!!!!

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