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The Magazine Blog had a total of 2,068 views for the Month of April with a total of 1,943 views from the USA. The United Kingdom was our second highest ranking country with 44 views, and several other countries such as Canda, Finland, Australia, Germany, Irland, and the Philippines, to name a few! There were over 400 visitors to the online store and we greatly appreciate you!

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We work very hard daily/weekly, to produce reliable and relatable content for our readers and followers of the Cigar Community, as well as non-smokers, who truly enjoy the fashion component, as well as learning about the Cigar Lifestyle. We are always working at growing, developing, improving, and seeking partnerships!

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Your continued support means so much to us because it allows us to become inspired, evolve, and motivated to serve you to our best abilities and obtain resources if we cannot produce, effectively!

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Thank you
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