Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Drida Hyde

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Drida Hyde out of Charlotte, NC.


Drida is no stranger to the “Cigar Community.” She has made a name for herself, as Elegant Plume. Drida is known to the “Cigar Community” as a cigar model, cigar vlogger, and cigar event hostess. Drida is definitely a cigar enthusiast, who shares her passion for cigars through social media in a number of ways. Drida has recently started her very own podcast called the “Smoking Room,” which is aired bi-monthly.


On this show, she provides background information about herself, as well as she has different cigar makers on her show, to discuss their current line(s) of cigars, upcoming events, and any new products that are going to be released are discussed. Also, on her podcast show topics related to the cigar industry is discussed and so much more, be sure to tune in and check out the current podcast, please click here.

With all of this notoriety to the “Cigar Culture,” it’s very surprising to have learned that Drida has only been smoking cigars for three years. At this rate, on the surface, she would still be considered a novice (beginner). However, she does not confess to being an expert and she always states that she gets a lot of joy from learning about cigars and trying as many traditional and newer cigars that she can, it’s been an adventures journey for her!


Drida cigar journey started when a friend of hers, who owns a cigar lounge gave her, her very first cigar in 2016. This grand gesture truly opened her mind to explore cigars. From this point on, she’s made a lot of connections, which has helped to mold her brand, Elegant Plume, which has consisted of her releasing two cigar calendars that highlight’s the cigar lifestyle from a woman’s perspective, to hosting several events locally and throughout other cities and states, to now adding her podcast, which is pretty impressive in three short years. Also, Drida is the Admin of a Facebook cigar group called “Cigar Cut Up“. In addition, to these great accomplishments, Drida has gained some solid sponsorships, which was a major advantage for her brand, as she recently reached over 10K followers on Instagram and was able to have a huge giveaway for reaching that milestone!


When Drida is having a cigar, she likes to pair her cigars with Crown Royal Apple. Some of her favorite cigars consist of Ashton VSG, Padron 90 year, Romeo San Andre’s, Espinosa 601, Protocol Probable, The Oscar Maduro, and Plasencia Alma Fuerte, to name a few.


Drida is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week for her contribution to the “Cigar Culture” as a female cigar smoker, who is working to bridge the gap and increase the exposure of female cigar smokers in a tasteful way. Drida has a lot of great things going on and she’s very approachable, willing to talk and to learn more about this great journey that we’re all on.


Also, she’s very stylish, classy, and sophisticated and what more can you ask from a Sister of the Leaf (SOTL)!


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on her IG page: @elegantplume

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