Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Ben Wills

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Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Ben Wills (Sisters In Smoke) out of Los Angeles, CA.


There is an immense amount of contribution that the “Sisters of the Leaf” (SOTL) is contributing to the “Cigar Culture” and the “Cigar Community.” We have an abundance amount of knowledge, business savviness/sense, we’re all outspoken and passionate about cigars, we’re not afraid to sample an affray of cigars from mild-to-medium, and/or full-bodied, which we often prefer full-bodied and Maduro blends over anything else! Also, we can appreciate deeply enriched bourbon and whiskey, to complement our cigars, or sometimes just coffee or infused water is sufficient.

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We all have our own ambitions and admirations! There are so many different depths and levels to us as women first and as “Sisters of the Leaf.”  As female cigar smokers, it is our duty to inform and educate, and to refrain from falling into the stereotypes of being an overly sexualized “cigar model,” because we are more than just a cute chic with a stick, we are women of substance, who enjoys smoking cigars, aside from our beauty and sexiness!


As it pertains to our Red Lips Fashionista, Ben, who is better known as “Sisters In Smoke,” she’s contributing to our culture by educating her followers and viewers through her YouTube Channel, Sisters in Smoke, as she likes to say, “TheSmokyTruth.” On her channel, you can learn the truth about cigars, as well as gain experience around the taste and aroma of cigar smoke from a woman’s perspective. Also, she answers questions related to cigars, showcases and informs about cigar accessories, she gives cigar reviews, in-depth details on the how-to’s, provides cigar recommendations, and so much more.


Ben has been smoking cigars since 2010. She was first introduced to cigars through a friend, who retired from drinking and picked up cigars, literally, it sounds cliché, but factual. This friend truly through her out to the wolves with trying her first cigar, which was a Tabak Especial, which they advised: “Smoke it, don’t inhale.” This started her cigar journey, ready or not, literally! And, over time, this same friend and Ben would travel and smoke cigars, which further educated her about cigars, as well as it assisted her on selecting well-curated tobacco to smoke.


Ben is originally from Kentucky, so of course, her drink of choice is anything Kentucky Bourbon such as Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, EH Taylor Small Batch, or Four Roses, and Blantons, specifically. When having a cigar, Ben is a huge fan of San Andreas wrappers. She loves the coffee and pepper notes, as well as the 54 ring gauges. However, she also loves smoking Matilde Renacer, Saga from Reyes (Tomo II and Blend No7), and The Explorer by ADVentura. And, if she’s had a super long and intense week, then she will treat herself to a Mi Querida or Sobremesa by Steve Saka.


Ben is very proud about her brand, Sisters in Smoke, which she created to have a unique interaction that’s centered around women, aligning themselves with a sense of individualism and being self-sufficient, by participating in platforms created as a safe space to formulate and indulge in their own recognition and understanding about cigars.


Ben is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week for her relentless spirit of wanting to spread love and encourage women to develop their own tasting profiles by broadening their cigar habits via cigar reviews, social platforms, libation tastings and participation in cigar festivals. Also, she’s a very stylish and polished SOTL, who attributes her signature look to her mother, who never wore makeup and she didn’t let her daughters wear it either. However, when Ben’s great-grandmother, Ola gave a lesson on being a lady, her one piece of advice was to never leave the house without a little lip paint on. And, from then on, Ben did not apply makeup but wore a bold lip to give her a sense of identity.


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on IG: @SistersInSmoke

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