Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (No Cigars, While Working!)

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips

As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it, and there are a few things we learn along the way. Everyone’s techniques and routines are different, based on your own preference or there can be some similarities. Therefore, to further connect with you and provide you with resources and details about cigars, I’ve created these weekly cigar tips for you to utilize.

No Cigars, While Working!

Let’s admit it, regardless of what type of work you do or to what type of capacity it is, work is stressful! And, even though a cigar can be stress relieving, it’s primarily intended purpose is to be enjoyed and in a relaxed state of mind. Regardless, of how difficult your day at the office or in the field was, wait until you get home, pour yourself a drink and sit back to enjoy your cigar, fully basing in the experience.


And, that’s just what I did yesterday, I was feeling pressured to meet deadlines and still trying to get back in the groove-of-things from vacation, along with a very busy Month of May, drained me. I was truly able to let my hair down when I came home yesterday. I enjoyed my cigar and libation, and it was very meaningful for me!

Cigars are enjoyable and a nice paring based on your mood to seal the deal, which is what I achieved with this aj_fernandez_cigars New World that’s draped in a bold, dark Nicaraguan wrapper and jam-packed with powerful ligeros from Esteli and Condega balanced by the uniqueness of Ometepe tobacco, this rich, medium to full-bodied blend offers an elegant, refined profile. Notes of earth, espresso, and a dense array of sweet and spicy notes characterized its smooth, complex profile!

Keep it Smokey, My Friends!!!!!!!

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