Seductive Saturday Spotlight: Sara Saunders

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Seductive Saturday Spotlight is on Sara Saunders out of Houston, TX.


It’s been said that seductiveness and cigars don’t pair together, as well as bourbon and cigars do. Therefore, it should not be included, and/or allowed into the culture. However, I don’t believe that as female cigar smokers, we should all be “prim and proper,” but we should be able to tastefully allow our sexiness to show, as it will automatically if you’re confident within your own skin.


Therefore, as this is a growing hot topic and often comes up for discussion in our culture whether “new” female cigar smokers are “true” female cigar smokers or are they here with ulterior motives, is always up for debate. For me, there’s no winning titles or championships received as who’s been the longest truest female cigar smoker, so that goes without saying that old school-vs-new school female cigar smokers are just unnecessary, we are all unique and different. However, I do not condone or support anyone that’s a fraudulent cigar smoker for the gain of popularity, who lacks substances and knowledge, and/or uses cigars as sexual props to promote their brand, products, or services.


Today’s “Seductive Spotlight” is Sara, who is known for her seductiveness and sultriness about her social media page on Instagram, so I became curious and wanted to interview her, to hush the finger pointing, about the word “seductiveness” even from my own perspective.  I’m all about seductiveness within your own right of being sexually arousing, sexually exciting, alluring, tempting, suggestive, tantalizing, fascinating, ravishing, captivating, erotic, sensuous, and flirtatious! Hell, I’m not too far removed from those descriptions, myself…LOL.!


Sara was first introduced, to cigars two years ago, on her 30th Birthday. On her birthday, she received a cigar as a gift, to seal her official status of being 30 years old, as “Grown-Grown.” And, just as many of us, this sparked her interest and kept her wanting to know more about cigars and she did, as well as her level of experience matured the more, she smoked, even in this short period.


Sara likes to pair one of her favorite cigars an LFD Double Ligero along with Basil Hayden for a great complement to each other and unwind. Also, she enjoys cigars such as Q by Oscar, Perdomo Champagne, and Santeria by Gonzo. Sara has a common interest in cigars, like any other “Sister of the Leaf.” She truly has a passion for cigars, as well as her Kinky After Dark series, which is a way she showcases her “Kinky Divine Mix” of Spirituality and Sensuality with her love for cigars and libations.

Sara is our Seductive Saturday spotlight for her uniqueness, confidence, and her unapologetic way of living her best life while enjoying a cigar. Also, she’s a member of the Order of Eastern Star and Full Bodied, Inc.

Photo Credit: @rdaugustphotographyllc

Learn more about this “Sister of the Leaf” on Instagram @cigarsncurves757

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