Cigar Review: Stogie Road EdiciònXXXV

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Today’s cigar review is on the newly released Stogie Road EdiciònXXXV


This cigar is produced at the Tabacalera Kafie factory in Danli, Honduras. The EdiciònXXXV is a 52 X 6.5 Barberpole blended for the cigar enthusiast as well as the beginner.


EdiciònXXXV Blend

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Maduro and Ecuador Cloud Grown Connecticut

Binder: Habano Honduras

Filler: Copan(Honduras) Jalapa(Nicaragua) liger

Pre-Light Examination

I was anxiously excited to try this cigar for the very first time. I am a true super fan of the Kafie1901 Brand and I haven’t been disappointed, yet, by any of the independent brands that are manufactured, and/or produced at the Tabacalera Kafie factory. And of course, I love to view the Stogie Road Show that you can catch on Thursday evenings via Facebook, it’s a real form of information and entertainment that’s hosted by Kerr Viajante.


This is a “Boutique Cigar,” which boutique cigars are becoming more popular and less so uncommon these days in our culture because everyone is looking for more of a unique cigar and newer style cigars that’s not so common or in the hands of the masses. Also, there are some great blenders and makers of these boutique brands that’ll match-up, and/or outmatch the larger scale and popular brands, any day!

At the pre-light of this cigar, removing it from the cellophane wrapper, I could instantly pick of the smells of coffee/coca/chocolate-like notes on the wrapper and at the foot of this cigar, which really intrigued me with curiosity to see if it’ll be more on the sweeter creamier side or would it mellow out once lit.


This cigar is packaged very nicely and clean looking to the eye. And, since it’s barber poled, it automatically informed me it’s going to be a very pleasant and unique cigar because of its blends.


Cigar Review

I would classify this as a very mild-to-medium cigar, which it’s perfect for a novice smoker, and/or if you’re looking for a nice early morning smoke or midday smoke that’s not heavy. This cigar is very well constructed throughout with firmness of the body, which is an indication of being a nicely hand-rolled cigar. There’s no softness to the cigar or hidden pockets on the pre-draw, which is great for me, because the draw of a cigar can be a deal-breaker for me and next would be if I must keep fussing with it such as constantly relighting it, really irritates me, so those are big deal breakers for me, if I experience that in a cigar, which I did not with this cigar. However, at the 2nd and 3rd, it did not keep the same burn at the initial lighting, so it did require a re-light, but it was not a big deal or hassle.

The aroma of this cigar was very pleasant and it was a buttery and creamy smoke that put-off-flavor-notes of nuttiness along the way. In addition, to the cocoa/chocolate notes. My total smoke time was roughly 1.5 hours and the flavor stayed consistent throughout, and it did not run hot towards the end at the 3rd and 3rd.

I paired this cigar with a glass of red wine!


Overall, very nice cigar and enjoyable for the day or late-night smoke. This cigar is constructed in one of the finest factories, Tabacalera Kafie factory in Danli, Honduras. You will not be disappointed with this cigar, to say the least. If you are interested in getting one there in many locations throughout the South-East region, but you can also go directly to their website, click here.

Keep it Smokey, My Friends!

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