Dapper Gent of the Week: Ray Farmer

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Sunday Funday!!!!!

Hello “Cigar Community” and “Cigar Family,” we’re in week 2 of 5 for the NFL’s preseason, football is definitely back, and I’m excited about that!  Football is my favorite sport next to boxing if you didn’t know! Thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks® we are happy to have you as one of our new, and/or faithful readers!

Today’s dapper gentleman (Dapper Gent) of the week is Ray Farmer out of District Heights, MD.

Ray Suit

This D.C. native is no stranger to the cigar culture. Ray is known to many of us by his nickname “Boom” and being the astonishing business owner of All Black Everything (ABE), which is a full-scale urban apparel & accessories clothing line, he started in 2012. The brand’s motto ABE 24/7/365 all started with Ray’s passion for fashion, as early as him being a 5th grader in elementary school.

ABE 247365

Ray has always been a style and trendsetter, since then. And, this inspired him to design his own clothing brand, All Black Everything.

Ray Farmer

Ray is just not only passionate about fashion, but he has a true love and admiration for cigars. At seven years old, Ray would work on the fields of the tobacco farm owned by his grandfather that’s located in Pinetop, North Carolina. And, with each year working on the farm with his grandfather, his curiosity would increase about tobacco, so for eight straight years Ray remained working on the tobacco farm, which allowed him to learn firsthand about the aspect of harvesting, attending auctions, and selling stock from his grandfather’s farm taught him a lot about tobacco, as well as primed his understanding of good business practices and being a business owner.


Ray’s first cigar was the Oliva Serie V, Lancero. This cigar was the start of his cigar journey as a smoker, which he loved the Nicaraguan blend and how the flavor notes centered around a strong Ligero tobacco from the Jalapa Valley, with a high premium wrap. A mild first smoke for him, but he felt it was bold enough, smooth on the eyes, and it paired well with a nice glass of scotch on the rocks. Ray has always considered himself a scotch drinker, he prefers Johnnie Walker Blue on the rocks, which he loves it’s a smooth and mellow compilation.

cup alcohol drink whiskey
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When Ray is not busy with his business, you can find him at Cigars 210. It’s a first-class cigar lounge, the atmosphere is great, and the owner and staff are some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet. After visiting cigar lounges, up & down the east coast, Cigars 210 is Ray’s all-time favorite. Ray really loves the cigar culture, because you never know who you’re going to meet. And, he feels that the “Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf” are some of the coolest people on earth, and you can always network within these circles.

Ray Farmer with cigar

Ray is our Dapper Gent of the week for his family history as tobacco farm owners, which allowed him to have a unique association and firsthand exposure to know about cigars. Also, for his humility of believing in the enrichment and betterment of his community with his philanthropic efforts, which you can view from his Wise Guys Cigars video, click here.  Ray has a yearly book-bag drive that’s distributed out to local area students in need of school supplies.

Ray Farmer CoatYou can learn more about this Dapper Gent via Facebook: Ray Farmer & All Black Everything 

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