Tuesday’s Cigar Tips (Keeping your cigar experience, enjoyable)  

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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with different techniques and routines that work best for us prior to starting our smoking session and during it. And, if you’re a novice smoker, then you might feel overwhelmed with all the rules and getting a clear and precise understanding about cigars. Yes, it’s more to it, then looking cool, and/or just lighting up and smoking one, like a cigarette.  You need to learn about the history and the processes, along with the Do’s and Don’ts. Therefore, these cigar tips were created to provide insight and to give a little history of cigars in the most simplified way.

Keeping your cigar experience, enjoyable!

Cigars are delicate and should be handled with a lot of attention and care, while they rest in a humidor, and before lighting one up. It is crucial to have the full smoking experience to be as enjoyable, as possible. In the previous post, we’ve covered how to properly store your cigars at a good temperature for your humidor and how to properly cut, light, and smoke a cigar, but there are always some other rules that can be added to the “Do Not” list, and today I just wanted to share some quick little tips with you, today.

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I know we often just grab our cigars and immediately go to smell them through the cellophane, but we really should remove the cellophane before smelling a cigar. This is so because, with the cellophane on, you won’t truly smell the true essence of the cigar. Instead, you’ll pick up other scents, like cedar or wood notes from the box it was in.

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Also, don’t use cardboard matches. They’re tainted with chemicals and can ruin the cigar.  Instead, you should use a torch or butane lighter, and of course, cedar spills, if you’re feeling fancy. And, please, never ever, ever, light your cigar with an everyday Bic lighter, this is a “No, No.” It’s painful to see so many videos and pictures on Instagram with individuals lighting their cigars with a Bic lighter, shameful!

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Another great tip of mine is to occasionally blow the smoke over the ash of the cigar and inspect the ash. This will help with achieving an even burn during your smoking experience.

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I’ve said this many times before, but again, don’t try to knock off the ash. Let it fall on its own. Long ash is a sign of a quality cigar, so show it off. Many groups, businesses, and brands have long ash contests if you find that you like doing this, then considering entering a contest. Now, with the new rules on IG/FB, it might more difficult to find nowadays on social media platforms, but this is something you can do with your own friends in a group setting while visiting your local lounge or if you’re hosting guest on your patio/deck.

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Keep it Smokey, My Friends!

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