Meet Karen Berger Owner of Don KiKi Cigars

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Presently, there’s an abundance of outstanding and exceptional women in the cigar industry, as business owners, distributors, manufacturers, event/production strategist, marketing reps, brand ambassadors, cigar shop owners, and many other roles and factors, women in the cigar industry are contributing to enriching the industry and culture.  I have a great deal of admiration and respect for them, which I’ve had the privilege to meet a few! Therefore, to continue to add value and bring awareness about who’s who in the industry. I’ve decided to highlight these outstanding women on Wednesday, as business owners. 

“Working Women Wednesday” has such a significant meaning to me, as recognizing a day that honors and displays our passion and loyalty as female workers, who are still working towards equality and inclusion. I am all for women empowerment and self-development!

In this week’s feature, meet Karen Berger, the owner of Don KiKi Cigars

Photo Credit: Instagram/Karen Berger  

Karen is a native of Estelí, Nicaragua, a country that is one of the most important growing and manufacturing regions of the world for cigars.  As a very young woman, Karen began learning all facets of the premium cigar industry, from the cultivation, fermentation, selection to the rolling of the cigar.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Karen Berger

Karen developed her passion and knowledge about cigars from her late husband, Don KiKi Berger. He was a legendary figure in the cigar industry and for over 20 years, they created a family and built an enterprise. Upon his passing, Karen has taken the helm of the family business to continue honoring his legacy, and for that, she’s known in the cigar circles as the Cigar Queen.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Karen Berger

Karen is very proud of her accomplishments and her love for her family and her unwavering passion for cigars.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Karen Berger

Karen is the owner of Don KiKi Cigar brand, K by Karen Berger, you can find out more about her and the factory in Esteli, by visiting Don KiKi Cigar.


Karen states that “The passion and love of the leaf run through my veins. The earth, the field my origins. Enjoying every moment of this incomparable flavor, with a deep thought of the effort and work that each of the cigars carries.” She’s proud of the creation and the history she is making as a female cigar business owner.

For more on Karen and Don KiKi Cigars, please follow her on social media handles: @karenberger_

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