Effortless looks are the best looks, Wouldn’t you agree?

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What exactly does it mean, to be effortless, and let alone an “effortless look.” Don’t you worry,  you’ve come to the right place, the meaning of ef·fort·less: requires no physical or mental exertion, it’s essentially achieving something with admirable ease.

In our hectic lives, we could all use a little more effortlessness in it, wouldn’t you agree? And, that’s even down to our style choices and style looks. As ladies, we do not always have to be glammed-up, to be glammed-up. You can look just as classy and girly in a comfy and stylish way that’s fashionable.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@cigarlover12

It can become very draining and challenging, to put a look together, especially, in the mornings. One thing, I would suggest, is to keep comfort in mind, always…LOL!!! As the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/@cigarlover12

And, if you’re from the oldskool such as myself, we were taught that picking out your outfit the night before will save lives, literally…!!! If you’re not doing this, it could help speed up your process when getting dressed or being stuck in the closet unsure of what to wear in the mornings, while rushing. Overall, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and trust your instincts, by wearing whatever makes you happy and feel cute! Sometimes, I start out with a shirt and a certain pair of pants and might swap out one or the other with something else that’s more flattering, and that’s cool, too!

The goal is not to overthink what to wear, but to feel comfortable, happy, and cute in what you’re wearing, because that’s all that’s needed for your true self and confidence to shine through. And, achieving an effortless look is all about comfort and accessorizing. Put on a pair of mules and a simple hat, some shades and call it a day, and really enjoy your Friday with a nice cocktail or cigar such as @cigarlover12 here:

Photo Credit: Instagram/@cigarlover12

Always make a statement in your fashion looks and effortless is still a look, too! 

And, we think our SOTL, @cigarlover12, mastered this look, it’s a vibe! 

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