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Whether you’re a novice cigar smoker or a veteran, it is always great to order, purchase, and explore a sample cigar package. Sample packs give you a variety of cigars that could range from Mild-Medium and Medium-Full Bodied. Also, in the sample packs, the blends could include a Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro cigars, so if you’re new to cigars, a sample package is a great starting point, which could give you some experience on the different blends. In this article, I’m discussing how getting a “Summer Sampler” package from TheHumidor.com was a very satisfying experience and allowed me to explore some of the most premium cigars that I haven’t had. This post has been sponsored by TheHumidor.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Today’s sample package came from TheHumidor.com, a great nationwide e-Commerce company that’s based in Orlando, Florida. I received the summer sampler, which was packaged very neatly and well protected with shredded filling. The cigars were inside of a traveling humidor pouch with lining to keep the cigars fresh and humidified. It was a very nice presentation and representation of the pride and integrity of this company.


TheHumidor.com has certified tobacconists, who travel to places such as Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic every year to bring back the best hand-rolled cigars on the market, including many of the brands that customers have trouble finding. I liked the insert card about the company that was included in my package, because it made the delivery more personable, and allowed me the opportunity to get a snapshot about their business, brand, and company. Also, they included a nice cool T-shirt and a straight cigar cutter in my package.


It was exciting to get into my package and see what cigars were included.  I was presently surprised to receive a Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto, Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Robusto, and the highly rated and anticipated Perez Carrillo Encore cigar, which I’ve been waiting to try, and it was finally, all mine!


I love a great bourbon or whiskey with my cigar and that’s how I paired the Perez Carrillo Encore cigar with a glass of whiskey. I used a V-cut and I enjoyed my day with this cigar that’s so flavorful, naturally sweet, creamy and rich, with hints of cinnamon, coffee, and milk chocolate. This cigar was very smooth, a very mild-medium smoke, which was perfect for a warm summer day.


On this sunny day, I like moving around on my patio, to soak in the sun and really enjoy the outside. As I take in the natural beauty of nature surrounding me and the aroma of my cigar circling around me, brings me joy while having fun.


I like to have different selections of cigars in my humidor to give me options because the cigar I’ll smoke for the day, is generally based on my mood. Sometimes I want to have a milder cigar, while other times I want a bolder and stronger cigar. Having this Summer Sampler from TheHumidor.com gave me a great selection to choose from during my remaining days left here in the summer. Though, here in North Carolina, we’ll have many more nice months going into the fall. I’m glad to have this sample package because the Liga Privada T52 will be great for when the cooler nights come along and I can enjoy it with some hot cider.


It can be hard to commit to an entire box of the same cigars, especially if you haven’t discovered a favorite one to smoke. Or maybe you just like smoking cigars with different bodies, strengths or prices. That’s why TheHumidor.com lets you mix individual sticks and save. When you mix six or more sticks, you save 10 percent on your purchase. You can trust that each cigar is pulled from their humidors just for you and packaged carefully to keep them fresh, just as my package was delivered to me.


If you’re in the market of a great online cigar store to patronize, I would highly recommend giving TheHumidor.com a consideration.

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