The 6 Best Hygiene Products To Add To Your Routine

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My first and main priority when smoking cigars is not to have funky breath, a stuffy nose, and too awfully still, smell like cigars, the day after.  When it comes to smoking cigars, yes, we do say “Keep it Smokey,” but that’s in the figurative sense of meaning “Smoking Cigars.” As a cigar smoker, this should not compromise your hygiene. You still want to practice good health regimens and proper cigar etiquette. There are some really good products that you can add to your cigar smoking bag and pouches to promote a healthy cigar experience.

There are many healthy habits that you can do regularly to keep your hygiene, as a cigar smoker on point. And, it does not have to break the bank to do this nor do you have to have mainstream products:

  • Wash your hair as often as needed, to avoid build-up and to just overall cleanse your scalp.
  • Keep your hands washed and moisturized before and after having a cigar.
  • Brushing your teeth and using mouth wash, to keep freshness after having a cigar, is a must.
  • Chew sugar-free gum.
  • Cleanse your palate by drinking water infused with lemons and mint leaves, it helps with keeping you hydrated and moistens your throat.
  • Using Saline Nasal Spray

If you never heard of or considered using a saline nasal spray, cigar enthusiast, Marrisa (The Privy Leaf) suggested this because she had to establish a routine that worked best for her as a cigar smoker, to improve her smoke sessions and keeping hygiene always in mind.  What she discovered is using a non-medicated nasal moisturizing spray is great after an all-day smoke session. 

She adds that mouth discomfort and cigar breath doesn’t only come from bacteria build-up on the tongue, but it also comes from drying out your mouth, drying of your nasal passage, and mucus builds up during smoking.

A simple non-medicated nasal moisturizing spray clears out the tobacco soot, as well as the build-up. It moisturizes your nasal passage and helps with cigar breath.

Suggested Products: 


Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy toothpaste with Charcoal gently whitens teeth, strengthens enamel, and freshens breath with invigorating mint flavor. Shop now!

Smart Mouth Mouthwash, Fresh Mint

  • SmartMouth oral care solution is packed with innovative science to stop bad breath at its source and prevent it from coming back
  • Patented zinc ion technology eliminates and prevents bad breath for 12 hours with each rinse
  • Dentist recommended
  • Mild mint flavor – no aftertaste 

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Smart Mouth Mouthwash, Fresh Mint - 16 oz - 2 pk


TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray, 1 Ounce Bottle

  • BANISH BAD BREATH: TheraBreath’s extra-strength oxygenating solution attacks halitosis-causing bacteria at the source, leaving your mouth feeling fresh, clean, & healthy. Alcohol-free, natural flavors.
  • RESTORE CONFIDENCE: Our Fresh Breath Throat Spray helps target areas where sulfur-producing bacteria can cause bad breath. Clinically-proven ingredients help to keep breath fresh for up to 24 hours.
  • PREMIUM ORAL CARE: Our solution-oriented line of toothpaste, mouthwashes, breath sprays, tonsil stone kits, pet care products, & more can help your whole family get the oral hygiene support you need.

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray, 1 Ounce Bottle


CVS Health Saline Nasal Spray

For dry nasal membranes squeeze twice in each nostril as needed.

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CVS Health Saline Nasal Spray 3 fl oz Lot of (4) 12 fl oz Total Exp 02/20+


Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar-Free Gum with Xylitol, Peppermint

  • Refreshing sugar-free gum is sweetened with Xylitol and has earned the American Dental Association seal of approval
  • Fights off bad breath associated with the latest dietary trends, including Keto!

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Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Gum with Xylitol, Peppermint, 40 Piece (Pack of 4)


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Hand Soap contains a special recipe of plant-derived cleaning ingredients, aloe vera gel, olive oil, essential oils, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients to create a hard-working, non-drying, yet softening cleaner for busy hands. Hands have never had it so good. Made without parabens.  Shop Now 


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We would like to thank Marrisa of The Privy Leaf for being a contributor to this article.


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